Valentine’s Day story

 Valentine’s Day story


My wife is the best. He arranged a Valentine’s Day massage for me in our home. Hope was the masseuse. She was gorgeous. Long 80s style blonde hair with a loud body that the uniform couldn’t hide. I took one look at her and said to myself:

– Beth won’t leave me alone with her.

But I was wrong. Beth kissed me on the cheek and rushed over saying,

– I’m going to get my nails done. I’ll be back in an hour.

I helped Hope carry her massage table into the game room.

– Do you massage elephants? I asked panting from the effort.

She laughed and said:

– Some of my clients are over 100 kg, so I need a table that is strong enough. Now go get changed and I’ll finish tidying up.

Shaking my head at that thought, I went downstairs, stripped down to all but my underwear, and then put on my robe. As I walked up the stairs I could hear some New Age flute music and saw that he had found the dimmer.

Hope tapped her hand on the table. When I took my robe off, she gave me that “WTF?” women are so good at it.

– Is there something wrong? I asked.

– Yes, she said. Those have to go. I can’t work on your hip with your underwear on.

Now I’ve been caught. I was thinking about Hope and I had an erection. Nothing to do but pass. I turned around and removed my boxers and tried to casually climb onto the table and lay face down. I caught her looking down and she smiled briefly.

He threw a towel over my bottom and then said:

– This massage includes aromatherapy, can you tell me the perfumes?

I closed my eyes and sniffed.

– Hmmm. Peppermint, of course, for energy and lavender for relaxation. The third is very subtle, rose maybe?

Hope clapped her hands and said:

– Very good. Most guys just guess mint.

With that I heard a pump bottle and then her cold wet hands on my shoulders. She was very kind and very thorough. I was half dozing when she whispered to me to turn around, which I did without thinking.

When I came back she put a towel over my face but it couldn’t hide my erection. I fantasized about the body the massage uniform hid. Seconds later, a second towel was draped over my groin.

I was able to take a look before she adjusted the towel over my face and I could have sworn she was topless. No, just my overactive imagination.

He started working on my chest and then continued to my legs. I was almost asleep when I felt a kiss on my cheek. Beth whispered in my ear.

– Happy Valentine’s Day.

A second later, I felt the bottom towel move and a hand wrapped around my cock. Mmmm, that was wonderful.

WTF!!! Beth is playing with me in front of Hope??!??

Then a mouth closed around him. She was sucking it now. I start to stand up, but a hand pushes me down.

Beth’s voice whispered in my ear.

– Are you enjoying your gift?

My eyes opened wide under the towel and my impending orgasm fled as the implications sunk in. I felt the mouth come off my cock and the table shook as someone climbed on it. I pulled the towel off my face and looked down to see Hope coming down on top of me.

I turned my head to see Beth standing next to me. It was empty. My eyes almost popped out of my head and I see my wife standing there naked, one hand caressing one breast and the other rubbing herself furiously. All this while a blonde goddess climbed on her husband’s cock.

At that point, Hope finished burying my cock and started riding me. Beth leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue was instantly in my demanding mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Beth looked into my eyes.

-You can let yourself go in it. Hope said it was okay. As if I’d been waiting to hear that, my testicles tightened and I felt Hope’s muscles tighten. I moaned as I began to thrust deep into Hope.

Time stopped, then started again as Beth laid on my chest and Hope came down to kiss Beth. I stayed in the bedroom for the rest of the night.

I have the best wife in the world.


  1. Surprise massage


About six months ago I started looking for a new massage therapist since my masseuse June retired after 15 years of going to her. I wasn’t quite sure how to approach women about the possibility of a happy ending. Something June had done. Although he always remained clothed, I didn’t mind because what she offered was very good.

I went to a few places and although the massages were longer and more thorough than June’s had been, I was not given any release. I never specifically asked for this, but since they kept my midriff covered, I thought it best not to mention it.

Then, about three months ago, I went to a lady who was working from her home. He met me at the door wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Her name was Shelly, a lady in her late twenties with long black hair. She had me undress while she warmed up some lotion. I didn’t see a towel so I stripped naked and just as I was laying face down on the table she walked in.

– Are you ready? she asked.

– Yes, I’m looking forward to this.

The massage started just like the others, except for the lack of coverage. Her soft hands worked over my upper and lower back, then she moved my ankles and worked on each leg in turn. When he started stroking my ass, I felt my arousal level rise.

– OK, you can go back now, she said.

– Will I have to cover anything?

I rolled back and informed her that I was comfortable being exposed. My hopes were higher because she didn’t mind. After working on my legs, she started on my chest. As her hands gently massaged my abdomen, I felt her fingertips touch my cock a few times. This quickly woke me up fully.

– I see you like this. I suppose it’s okay if I take care of it for you?

– Yes, I would appreciate anything you could offer.

Then he did something June had never done before. She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her braless breasts. They were of medium size, with nipples that were obviously erect. Then she started stroking my cock. Her pace was slow enough to keep me awake, but not enough to break me free. After about ten minutes,m-a let me finish, shooting her all over her chest and stomach.

About a month ago, I decided to go back to her. This time I was greeted by another lady, about the same age, with shorter hair but a fuller figure.

– Where’s Shelly? I asked.

– She just got out of the shower and asked me to take you to the bedroom and get you ready. I’m Nicole, her cousin. I’ve been visiting for a few days.

He led me to the bedroom and I undressed as before. I wished Nicole had stayed in the room, but I didn’t say anything. Shelly came in a few minutes later wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Everything went as before until the point where she took off her shirt and started giving the happy ending. Then there was a knock on the door.

– I left my phone charger there. Can I come in and get it? Nicole asked.

Shelly looked at me and I nodded okay. She told her cousin to come inside. Nicole walked into the room and stopped right outside the door, staring at my erection clutched by Shelly.

– Oh! I didn’t want to disturb anything, Nicole said.

– You didn’t, Shelly assured her. I was just dealing with it.

– Do you mind if I look?

I said that was fine, so Nicole sat on the bed by my feet, on the opposite side of her cousin. She watched intently as Shelly massaged my cock very teasingly. It seemed to take longer than before, which was fine with me. Nicole then reached over and gently caressed my testicles as Shelly continued her movements.

This time, when I was on the verge of orgasm, she stopped and held him still in her hands. I was surprised when Nicole took off her shirt, followed by her bra. There I was with two topless women, at least thirty years younger than me. Shelly resumed massaging my cock slowly and steadily.

– Too bad it’s covered in oil, I’d take that in my mouth, Nicole said. Can it go on breasts?

Shelly asked if it was okay and of course I said yes. Nicole sat on the edge of the bed while I sat in front of her. He started stroking me at a slightly faster pace than Shelly had been doing. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my orgasm would occur. And I was right. I exploded with a huge load of cum dripping onto her plump breasts.

Shelly m-a cleaned with a warm damp cloth, then gave it to her cousin to clean. I just experienced the best massage I have ever had.

A few weeks later I contacted Shelly again, only to find out that she had just gotten engaged and was no longer doing massages.

So the search is on…again.