We invite you to take a few moments to read the description of erotic massage services. You will discover our range of erotic massage services, services that have been designed to give you relaxation and eroticism. We are dedicated to providing you with unique massage experiences, customized for each of you.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of our services


You can choose to have the shower assisted by the masseuse or not.

If you want it assisted, the masseuse will erotically wash your entire body (including intimate areas) from outside the tub/shower.

You can ask the masseuse to accompany you to the shower/tub, but the decision is entirely up to her. Acceptance must NOT be conditional upon the payment of additional amounts.

Tip: A well-washed body will be much more erotically massaged 😉

Duration: 5 – 7 minutes


It is performed on the whole body using techniques of: efleurage, friction, kneading, tapping, vibrations, sifting, rolling, shaking, tractions, pressures.

As its name suggests, it aims to relax – both physically and mentally – detachment from everyday problems and preparation for eroticism.

Please keep in mind that not all masseuses master relaxation massage techniques equally well.

If you want a professional relaxation massage, please let the reception know this before choosing the masseuse.

Tip: We recommend that you do not skip this massage 😉

Duration: 5 – 15 minutes


This type of massage involves massaging your entire body with the help of the masseuse’s body, generally without using hands, but only parts of the body such as: breasts, buttocks, hair, nails, abdomen.

It starts with the back and continues with the front of your body.

Since it is a sensual, slow, graceful massage, with whispers in the ear and light kisses on the body, for a much more intense effect it is advisable to tell the masseuse what you like, the erogenous zones, the intensity of the movements and their speed.

Duration: 5 – 10 minutes


All attention shifts to erogenous zones.

The techniques used differ from masseuse to masseuse and you can establish them by mutual agreement. During the massage session you can indicate to the masseuse which areas to insist on.

With clavicle the most appreciated by customers. The back-and-forth movement performed in the space created between the mandible, collarbone and neck, with the help of the hand, the warm oil and the breath of the masseuse, generates extraordinary sensations, rarely found in an erotic massage session.

With abdomen – also appreciated by clients due to the increased degree of closeness between the masseuse and the client. It is a technique especially appreciated by customers who also choose a G.F.E. experience.

With breasts – the most well-known technique. It is usually accompanied by exciting looks and intense breathing. It can be done from different positions according to everyone’s fantasies. It is also an optimal option for those who have slight tendencies towards ACTIVE BDSM.

Lingam – the perfect option for total indulgence. It is performed with both hands of the masseuse, with long, sensual or intense movements. Attention is paid to the entire intimate area and adjacent areas to the level you desire.

With feet – for those who want to try something new or for foot fetishists. The massage done with the soles and toes, together with the enchanting view, can very easily lead to explosions of pleasure.

If you choose to have a tantric massage, the ejaculation will not take place, but instead you will get to know much more intense and long-lasting inner orgasmic experiences.

If you choose the erotic massage, there will be a maximum of 2 orgasmic sensations during an hour.

Duration: 5 – 10 minutes


Our mission, and at the same time the goal of a high-quality erotic massage, is to achieve intense and long-lasting orgasmic experiences. These can only be achieved if we can delay or even avoid the moment of ejaculation.

Intense, long-lasting orgasmic experiences generate waves of sexual energy that will invade the whole body, so that at the end this energy is sublimated into vital energy beneficial to the whole body.

Orgasmic sensations are a natural continuation of erotic massage, but in order to obtain the maximum effect, you must know your body very well and establish a communication system with the masseuse, so that once you reach the point of maximum sexual load, she will give you some seconds of pause to reduce the pressure, so that you can achieve a prolongation of eroticism and orgasmic sensations.

In short, intense and long-lasting orgasms are only possible without uncontrolled ejaculations.

The relaxing music, the smooth skin of the masseuse, the come and go movements, the sexy whispers, the warm breath, the kisses on the body – all put together will lead you to the climax, to the explosion of pleasure that we are looking for, to the release of all tension.

Duration: Depending on your needs


The oil, the massage cream, the perfume of the masseuse are difficult to remove from the skin – especially from the back.

If you choose to have the shower assisted by the masseuse, she will remove all traces and the massage session that has just ended will remain your little secret.

Duration: 5 – 7 minutes


Before enjoying a dream massage, relax deeply in the jacuzzi.

Diffuse light, oriental scented essences, your favourite music and the beautiful masseuse who will pamper you with sensual touches in key areas and a mini massage, all while you relax and enjoy a sparkling wine from the house.

Total indulgence. The perfect preparation for the body to body, tantric/ erotic massage session and for the orgasmic sensations that will follow on the massage mat.

Tip: According to medical indications, the maximum time you should spend in the water should not exceed 20 minutes.

Jacuzzi duration: ~ 15 minutes

Total session duration: 60 minutes


An erotic exchange of power, dominance and submission aimed at sexual stimulation.

At VIP ZONE, the masseuses are always the ACTIVE characters and can put into practice various light fantasies, among which we list: walking in a collar, slapping, stepping, imitating the behavior of animals, performing cleaning tasks, satisfying the pleasures of the masseuse, etc.

Type: At your choice, the massage session can only contain soft BDSM techniques or you can combine BDSM with the rest of the standard services.

Duration: 60 minutes


For some men, the prostate is a pleasure center that requires special attention.

Also known as the male G-spot, when properly stimulated, the prostate is capable of producing a totally different male orgasm than the classic one. Much longer, more expansive, like a wave of pleasure that covers the whole body.

In the VIP ZONE erotic massage salon, prostate massage can be performed, depending on preferences, internally or externally, with a gloved hand or with specific protected toys.

Prostate massage duration: 15 minutes (during the erotic/ tantric massage)

Total session duration: 60 minutes


If you have discovered erotic massage, you like it, you want to enjoy it anytime, or if you simply want to spice up your married life and bring more sensuality into your own bedroom, our masseuses can teach you and explain the techniques step by step of body to body and erotic massage as he performs them on you.

Also, if you want to pamper your partner with such a massage, we can guide you in that direction as well.

The service is even addressed to ladies who want to learn the art of erotic massage to make an extraordinary surprise for their partner.

Whether you’re giving or receiving, an erotic, tantric, sensual massage is a great way to connect with your partner.

Duration: 60 minutes


Yoni massage is intended for ladies.

It is a massage that includes the whole body, erogenous and intimate areas. It is a sensual exploration of the whole body.

Yoni massage is not rushed. It is slow, sensual, a treat for all the senses and a possible discovery of new erogenous zones, new movements that create pleasure.

Although orgasm is not the main goal of this massage, most clients want to climax during the session and enjoy a considerable amount of pleasure, once or why not, several times.

At VIP ZONE your boundaries will be respected and we encourage open communication with the masseuse, even gentle guidance.

Duration: 60 minutes


The ecstasy of an erotic massage is not limited to just one person, you can enjoy the pleasure together with your partner.

Erotic massage for couples is a pleasure-driven experience that can spice up your sex life, increase your intimacy and improve your relationship as a couple.

You can choose:

a couple’s massage performed by a single masseuse who will massage you in turn, each of you having the opportunity to observe the pleasure reactions and orgasmic sensations experienced by your partner.

a couples massage performed by two masseuses who will massage you simultaneously, while you can hold your partner’s hand, touch him sensually, flirt.

Duration: 60 minutes


All the services included in the massage session, as well as the optional ones, can also be offered in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.

After choosing the masseuse from the photo gallery, you have a maximum of one hour to prepare.

You can put on some relaxing music, a cold drink, make sure you have clean towels.

The masseuse will come to you with everything necessary for the massage session: professional oil/massage cream, wet and dry wipes.

In addition, to avoid possible conflicts at the hotel reception, the masseuse will come with an invoice, delegation and identity card.

Duration: 60 minutes


At VIP-ZONE we aim to offer you a unique experience, combining the pleasure of erotic massage with the benefits of permanent IPL hair removal, all in one place and in one session.

You can feel completely relaxed as the masseuse, before or after the erotic massage session, will start the epilation process.

You can relax peacefully because it doesn’t hurt and you can choose any area you want from the whole body/ head.

We must mention the following:

we use high-speed and state-of-the-art machines, disinfected after each use, with an advanced cooling system to eliminate discomfort.

we offer you protective glasses, also disinfected

laser hair removal does not affect fertility or erectile function

the effects begin to be observed approximately 2-3 weeks after using the device.

for definitive results, an average of 6 sessions/ area are required at a distance of approximately 2 weeks

Before using the IPL machine, the hair must be shaved.

Duration: As long as you want out of the total 60 minutes

   a small area – sideburns /armpit/ groin/ interface – about 5 minutes

   a medium area – stomach/ calves/ thighs/ buttocks/ arms – about 20 minutes

   a large area – back/ full abdomen/ full legs – about 40 minutes.


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