Experience the pleasure of an erotic massage at the hotel or a massage with completion at home in Bucharest and Ilfov. Are you one of those who find it difficult to relax in a new environment? Do not worry! Our services bring masseuses to your home or hotel.

Whether you enjoy the privacy of your bedroom or the seductive atmosphere of a hotel, you can transform your space into a sanctuary of pleasure.

With a variety of tantric erotic massage options at the hotel, you can customize every aspect of your experience.

You don’t have to compromise anymore. Book now and enjoy a unique erotic experience where our skilled masseuses will pamper you in the privacy of your home or hotel room

We offer erotic massage services at hotels and at home, in Bucharest and Ilfov.

The minimum order accepted is for one hour session. The time until the masseuse arrives is, depending on the distance and traffic, between 30 and 60 minutes.

  • Bucharest
    • first hour – the price of the masseuse + 200 lei travel (ride included)
    • the following hours – the price of the masseuse 
  • Ilfov
    • first hour – the price of the masseuse + 300 lei travel (ride included)
    • the following hours – the price of the masseuse


Would you like to experience the pleasure of an erotic massage at your hotel or home?

Whether you are already familiar with erotic massage services or it is your first experience, we are here to satisfy your desires and fantasies.

Experience the pleasure of a massage with completion at your hotel or at home.

After a tiring day or week, relax and pamper yourself with our in-home massage services. Our professional masseuses will offer you an unforgettable experience, combining relaxation and pleasure in an intimate and discreet way.

By calling the number shown, you will be connected with a member of our team who will guide you in choosing the services that are right for you. Talk to the receptionist about your preferences, be it the physical appearance of the masseuse, the level of permissiveness you want or techniques specific erotica such as BDSM, prostate massage or couple sessions.

Benefit from our personalized recommendations to send home masseuses that are perfect for you and enjoy a sensual and relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.

If time allows, we invite you to check the profiles of home or hotel masseuses to check the services, erotic techniques offered, extra options.

Go to the MASSEUSE PHOTO gallery and select the button – OUTCALL

  • Visit the profiles of masseuses you like
  • Check the services offered by each masseuse and choose what you want:
    • Couple massage with a masseuse – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
    • Couple massage with two masseuses – the prices of the two masseuses
    • 4 hands massage (two masseuses) – the prices of two masseuses
    • Yoni massage – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
    • Soft BDSM massage – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
    • Prostate massage – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
    • Massage & jacuzzi – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
    • NEW! Permanent hair removal – included in the session
  • Choose the massage techniques with completion at the hotel:
    • with the collarbone, abdomen, breasts, legs, to which body kisses, whispers and lingam massage are added (performed by the masseuse’s hands)
  • Check the permissiveness level of each masseuse:
    • Masseuses may accept: full body caressing, orgasmic caressing, full body kissing, role playing, use of toys, engaging in G.F.E behavior.

You should know that all the above services include the following:

    • Initial and final shower, assisted on request
    • 10-15 minutes relaxation massage
    • 15-20 minutes body to body massage
    • 10 minutes tantric/erotic massage
    • 15 minutes two orgasmic sensations
    • Professional massage oil
    • Satisfaction monitoring – telephone feedback
  • Check the masseuse’s schedule
  • Call the phone number displayed and place an order
    • you need to be in the hotel room when you place the order!
    • Tell the colleagues at the reception your preferences and the information they ask for (hotel, room number, home address, full name, etc.)
    • For hotel erotic massage orders, after the phone conversation and placing the order, we will call through the hotel reception to your room to make sure you are in the room and the order is real. At the same time, we also check the address of the hotel.

!Don’t forget to let us know if you have special requirements for the masseuse to come prepared.

  • Relax and wait for your chosen masseuse to arrive.
    • Depending on the distance from the hotel and traffic, it will reach you within 30 – 60 minutes from the moment the order is confirmed.


If you were completely satisfied with the attitude and services provided by the masseuse, you can personally leave her a maximum of 100 lei tip. This ammount will belong entirely to her.

In the VIP ZONE salon, we do NOT tolerate masseuses asking you money for extra services, techniques, fantasies, permissiveness and even more, for those included in the erotic massage session, declared by the masseuse as available, displayed in the profile from the website/ poster and already paid at the reception.

If this still happens, please let us know when you are called for feedback!


After the masseuse leaves, we will contact you by phone to find out the degree of satisfaction, and if you were not completely satisfied, we want to find out the reasons.


For the safety of our employees and for the outcall massage session to take place in a sensual atmosphere, please also take into account the aspects mentioned below. Otherwise, the masseuses have the right to refuse the massage session, to leave and not to return any amounts previously paid.

In case of serious violations that may put their physical integrity at risk, they can request the help of the Romanian Police.

  • There must be NO other people in the hotel room or home when the masseuse arrives
  • We will NOT offer services to people who are in an advanced state of intoxication or visibly affected by the consumption of prohibited substances
  • DO NOT use vulgar language, do not bully, scold, offend, shout at the masseuse
  • DO NOT solicit services that may be associated with prostitution
  • DO NOT film/ audio/ video record the massage sessions


You can rely on our discretion!

No one will know about the sensual experience you enjoy in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

The masseuses will come with delegation, invoice and dressed appropriately for a visit, without being vulgar and without attracting attention.

Sigla salonului de masaj erotic Vip Zone reprezentata de numele salonului si un sarut

We look forward to your visit!