Erotic Massage Bucharest

Welcome! Total erotic massage and absolute relaxation are just a phone call away!

Here at VIP-ZONE Erotic Massage Salon, we aim to provide you with an unforgettable, sensual and tantric erotic massage experience designed to explore your passions, dreams and fantasies. It is the place where you abandon the daily rhythm and embark on a challenging and extremely sexy journey.

VIP-ZONE erotic massage is seductive, amazing, sensual and provocative, but never vulgar.

Charismatic, beautiful, passionate and discreet V.I.P. masseuses are chosen to satisfy all tastes. Blondes, brunettes, tall, petite, slim or voluptuous, with years of experience or novices, tender or temperamental, each offering all their assets for your pleasure.

You can enjoy our services even when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home or hotel room in Bucharest or Ilfov. The chosen masseuse comes to you and will guide you through the entire V.I.P. erotic massage experience.

All profiles contain real pictures and full details about the masseuses, the permissiveness of each one, the services included, the extra options and the prices, so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises, but only pure relaxation.

Access the photo gallery below and choose your favorite masseuse!


Why choose some erotic massage in Bucharest when you can choose probably the best erotic massage in Bucharest?

We invite you to the VIP-ZONE, a place not to be missed, to discover the reasons why 99% of our customers are extremely satisfied and visit us regularly, giving us our greatest satisfaction – the loyalty – as proof of that we are 100% dedicated and fair.

At the end of each massage session we will ask you for feedback with the help of which



Although we are a luxury erotic massage salon, an appointment is not required to benefit from the services offered.
In general, the average wait time for masseuses to show up is 3 minutes, except during busier times where the wait time can be 5-15 minutes. Meanwhile, you can relax in the club area, enjoying a drink from the house.

However, if you are looking for a specific masseuse, a specific service or a rarer erotic massage technique, please make an appointment at least 30 minutes in advance at one of the phone numbers shown.


The price of an erotic massage session differs depending on the masseuse chosen.

It can start from 300 lei/hour and reach up to 600 lei/hour depending on several criteria, among which we list:

  • primarily the level of permissiveness of the masseuse and known erotic techniques,
  • secondly, the classification of the masseuse in the top of the feedback received from customers.
  • thirdly, physical appearance

We pride ourselves on being the only erotic salon that offers a clear list of permissiveness and happy end-ing techniques to ensure that you get what you pay for in the massage room.

The price of each masseuse is displayed in her profile in MASSEUSES PHOTOS.


:All erotic massage sessions, regardless of their duration (30 or 60 minutes), include the following services:

  • At the beginning, a sensual assisted shower, on request ~ 5 minutes
  • Next, 3 types of massage:
    • relaxation ~ 5 – 15 minutes
    • body to body ~ 5 – 10 minutes
    • tantric/ erotic ~ 5 – 15 minutes
  • The happyend-ing consists of two orgasmic sensations ~ x minutes (one in the 30-minute session)
  • At the end, another assisted sensual shower, on request ~ 5 minutes
  • NEW! Ultimate IPL hair removal, included in the duration of the massage session ~ x minutes
    *For 30-minute sessions, the duration of each included service is reduced

In addition, for your convenience, we also provide the following:

  • Soft drinks provided by the house
  • Professional massage oil, hot or cold depending on the season and preferences
  • Disposable slippers and sheets, sanitized towels
  • Satisfaction monitoring – feedback

The 15-minute erotic massage sessions include only

  • erotic massage
  • one orgasming sensation

You can find the description of each service by accessing the SERVICES page


We offer you more than just an erotic massage.

We reward the fact that you chose us and by all means we try to offer you an experience worthy of an exclusive salon, such as VIPZONE erotic massage salon.

Depending on the number of the erotic massage hours paid in advance, we spoil you with gift vouchers for drink consumption, with values ​​between 30 and 1000 lei. Thus, in addition to the erotic experience, you can also enjoy a fine drink.



Ask at the reception for the desired drink according to the value of the voucher for the hours paid in advance.

Drinks are only consumed in the massage rooms.


In the “erotic massage techniques” chapter: they differ from one masseuse to another and you can consult them in the profile of the masseuse in PHOTO MASSEUSES.
The most commonly used are the following:

  • with the collarbone, abdomen, breasts, legs – all accompanied by whispers and kisses on the body – and lingam massage performed by the hands of the masseuses.

We note that the techniques chosen and practiced by each masseuse are mentioned in the profile in MASSEUSES PHOTOS page and on the presentation poster in the salon, are included in the price paid at the reception and must NOT be subject to the payment of additional amounts inside the massage room.

Please notify reception in case additional amounts are requested.


Every masseuse is different and so is her level of permissiveness. If you want something specific from the list below, check the masseuse profile.

Masseuses can accept: full body caressing, orgasmic caressing, full body kissing, role playing, using toys, engaging in G.F.E.

We note that the level of permissiveness chosen by each masseuse belongs to her, it is mentioned in the photo galery prile and on the presentation poster, it is included in the price paid at the reception and must NOT be conditional on the payment of additional amounts.

Please notify reception in case additional amounts are requested.


The extra options/ services should also be mentioned. They are paid additionally at the reception and you can choose from the following types of massage:

  • Couple massage with:
    • one masseuse – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
    • two masseuses – the prices of the two masseuses
  • 4 hands (two masseuses) – 2nd masseuse at 1/2 price
  • Yoni – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
  • Soft BDSM – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
  • Prostatic – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
  • Luxury erotic massage with jacuzzi and champagne – the price of the masseuse + 100 lei
  • UNIQUE in an erotic salon! Ultimate IPL hair removal – free, included in massage sessions

You can find the description of each service by accessing the SERVICES page


Another key point is promotions. Follow us on our social media accounts for details:

Social Media Raffle: a free erotic massage or 300 Euro cash – monthly draw
Name days and birthdays: 50% discount
4 hours paid in advance: 5th hour free
5 friends group: 4 paid sessions, one free
Ethnic communities: 50% off (certain days)
National and international days: 50% discount
4 hands massage: second masseuse at 1/2 the price
Permanent IPL hair removal: free, included in the duration of the massage session


How would it be to sit quietly in the comfort of your home and have your chosen masseuse come to you and pamper you? It would be perfect. We have the solution here too.

We offer luxury erotic massage services at hotels and residences in Bucharest and Ilfov.

The minimum order accepted is for one hour session. The time until the masseuse arrives is, depending on the distance: erotic salon vs. hotel/home, but also depending on traffic, between 30 and 60 minutes.


  • first hour – the price of the masseuse + 200 lei travel (ride included)
  • the following hours – the price of the masseuse with no extra charge


  • first hour – the price of the masseuse + 300 lei travel (ride included)
  • the following hours – the price of the masseuse with no extra charge

For outcall appointments, please call us.

In conclusion, come to the VIP-ZONE and enjoy an erotic massage experience that you will never forget!
Whether you need relaxation after a crazy night in the club, a little attention in the erotic area, a revival during the break from work or simply some quality time with beautiful girls, VIP -ZONE erotic massage salon Bucharest is here for you.

Our team of sensual masseuses will welcome you with a big smile and help you release all your tensions.

Sigla salonului de masaj erotic Vip Zone reprezentata de numele salonului si un sarut

We look forward to your visit!