The price of a massage session varies depending on the chosen masseuse and is 100, 250, 300 or 350 lei / hour.

The price of each masseuse and the services offered can be found in MASSEUSES PHOTOS.


25% discount for groups of 4 friends


25 % Discount: All groups of 4 friends receive a 25% discount from the total price.

*The offer is valid regardless of the time and day.

*The offer is valid also for multiple of 4 clients. 

Before or after walking in the club, before a night in the city, or for no particular reason, you can make a visit and we offer you a 25% discount.

We guarantee that it will be a time spent together that will generate memories that will not be forgotten too soon.





Erotic Massage with two happy-endings


The erotic massage Bucharest incorporates various massage techniques. All erotic. This type of massage focuses on sensual movement, making sure you can relax completely and stop your usual routine.

A warm infusion of pure natural oil enters your pores as the masseuse removes physical stress and tension. Explore the sensations that flows through the center of your body and make you enter into a deep relaxation area.

It allows you to experience the power of touch and feel pampered by a beautiful, nude masseuse.

During the massage session, you can have two finalizations, both are performed by special massage techniques with the clavicle, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs and hands of the masseuse.




Double Massage – with two masseuses


Double massage with two masseuses is an opportunity to experience a range of sensations that were previously inaccessible.

It is not surprising that the true lovers of this massage called it “royal”.

Our beautiful masseuses act simultaneously in sensitive areas.

At the same time, the brain produces a maximum dose of endorphins, which have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The vast majority of customers are loaded with energy and desire.

So this type of massage is also recommended for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. This type of massage is recommended also to women who want to reveal and unblock their sexuality and to discover their hidden desires.



Erotic Massage for Couples


Vip Zone’s couple massage is one of the best experiences we can offer to partners who want to try a tantric and erotic experience in the same room as their partner.

Sharing an erotic massage in Bucharest with your partner is a chance to relax, experience, and improve your relationship and level of intimacy.

Vip Zone’s masseuses are experts in erotic massage for couples and will respect your limitations.

For you there is a chance to learn how to caress, touch, act on the partner’s sensitive points.

The experience will be pleasant, natural, and memorable.





Erotic Lady Massage (Yony Massage)


Yoni massage is a type of erotic massage In Bucharest offered exclusively to ladies.

The Yoni massage base is the combination of light touch and comfort, with a special focus on erogenous areas – which we know are many and more sensitive to women than to men.

Yoni massage covers the entire body with fragrant massage oil.

There are various massage oils produced specifically for Yoni, all made and carefully selected for an incredible experience.

This type of massage can also cover intimate areas, but its purpose is not to awaken sexual desire, but to provide an extraordinary massage experience.




BDSM Massage


A lot of men like dominant women. Strong and confident women increase respect and esteem, which often causes sexual arousal.

So, why do not listen to their orders and enjoy some moments of submission?

Vip Zone salon offers a wide range of services for dominant women’s fans. Our masseuses will help you bring your fantasies to life.

You can beg for mercy, but your mistress will not stop and will give you the punishment you deserve. You can choose, for example, a strict policewoman, a naughty nurse, Red Riding Hood or a stewardess.

Vip Zone masseuses can play any role. So do not be afraid to tell us your secret desires and we will do our best to fulfill them.




Welcome to Vip Zone – the best erotic massage salon in Bucharest !

There is no higher pampering than an erotic massage in one of the best erotic massage salons in Bucharest, a sensual massage, erotical one, that energizes you and takes you out of the daily turmoil, giving you an oasis of tranquility, that gives you balance and leads to physical and mental harmony.

Vip Zone is a salon of erotic massage in Bucharest in which the refinement, luxury, sensuality, professionalism and dedication of staff, all find their dwelling.

Who has not ever wanted to feel like a VIP? A VIP that is not hounted by paparazzi, because in our erotical massage salon, the discretion is the keyword and order for us.

So here you’ll be able to let your imagination free and do anything you can think of, like a known star. Our masseuses will not let you be good or feel inhibited.

As even the name says, this room is a VIP area. Located in a downtown area in a luxurious villa in the heart of Bucharest, near Cismigiu Park, this parlor was designed as an irreproachable space that adapts to any type of event: meetings of erotic massage, private parties, corporate parties, bachelor party and bachelorette party, exclusive night club, swing parties, receptions and many other events.

Erotic massage Bucharest is your trusted partner for long-term memorable events of your life.

Our salon design is refined and luxurious, exclusive and was decorated by professionals.

We created for our clients a scandinavian design, in the concentrated area. So we went on the idea of beauty, simplicity, minimalism, functionality by subtlety and clean lines. As colors, were used purple (which represents the color of kings – the color of romance and emotions), white (color that expresses purity, cleanliness and eroticism refined) and red (the color of eros, passion, with a genereal stimulating effect, causing to action and unleashing the virile force). The doors of the nine massage rooms have the color wenge, one of the trendiest colors that inspires you refinement, elegance and luxury.

It’s time to step into a sensual atmosphere, challenging and yet full of mystery.

Divas who ignited the imagination of millions of men in Bucharest, on the street or in clubs, you will be able to meet them now in our salon ( beware, these will charm you and will make you not feel the master of your thoughts and gestures – they are experts in the art of eroticism ).

To convince yourself ( at least regarding their appearance ), come and see some of them with a simple click on the menu ” Masseuses Photos” . The photos are 100% real, the ladies profiles are updated with real physical data and experience.

All our masseuses are skilled in the art of erotic massage in Bucharest and through their touch you’ll be able to detach from reality, to get carried away, and you will not regret that you did this. At other massage salons, you can have a regular massage, every day or night, but an erotical happy-end massage done by a professional with dedication, definitely not.

At our erotic massage parlor in Bucharest, the art blends with the professionalism, like our masseuses were born only to give you quality services, so you will be able to understand what it really means a relaxing massage in Bucharest.

The salon has nothing to do with the regular massage, because it is designed to stir the senses and passion and finally ends with an explosive orgasm.
You’ll feel how your body will gasp of pleasure, you will feel like living in a fairy world. Guaranteed, you will remember this erotic massage experience long after and you will wish to come back every time to live again the moments of pleasure along with our crazy ladies.

The main objective of an erotic massage Bucharest is to contribute to the improvement of their own sexual feelings perception, creation and stimulation of sensual pleasure and refreshment in the case of a latent libido at men. This way, an erotic massage session is sometimes a sexual therapy that will stimulate the libido and will definitely improve the sensual stimulation. You can think of the massage session as an extended prelude.

Our salon offers a wide range of adult entertainment and erotic massage services, with the opportunity to configure your massage sessions according to your preferences, as in the case of private parties to which we will gladly be your organizers. We adapt to every taste and need, resulting in fulfilling your erotic desires. For all sessions of erotic massage, executed in our salon, our clients benefit freely of assisted shower, shower gel, disposable bed sheet, free bar and catering to several hours.

We offer services to both gentlemen, couples and ladies.

To discover all our services, please visit ”Services” page.

If you wish, there can be done displaces for erotic massage In Bucharest at hotel and home. All you have to do is to access the page “Hotel Massage”, to choose the lady or ladies desired from the site, then call us and use our services. Surely you will enjoy the same pampering in the privacy and comfort of your room. So within 30 minutes, after your order confirmation, your lady or ladies can reach your location.

Our schedule is running non-stop, finding us at our adress, on Mihail Kogalniceanu Boulevard, no.20, every day, including the holidays.

If we have woken up your interest and have your curiosity aroused about this wonderful world of erotic massage in Bucharest and services for men or couples, you’re welcome to visit us!



Relaxation massage is beneficial to all people who want a better tonus and also a relief of the entire body. Within our massage salon you can enjoy of rest and relaxation, while release muscles tension and aches. Our masseuses will take care to customize the relaxation massage according to your needs, making it more a personal massage. The speed/rhythm at which you want to proceed the relaxing massage session will be set by you.

The benefits of relaxation massage are: reduces stress, gives you a boost of energy and mood, increases the immune system, increases the skin elasticity, improving blood circulation and lymph flow.

The erotic massage

The erotic massage Bucharest is primarily one of the most controversial forms of massage existing over time. The erotic massage is the massage during which our masseuses will focus on your erogenous zones.

The erotic massage, an unconventional massage, a pure experience of stimulation of the sexual senses, is the perfect prelude to entering into an erotic atmosphere.

During a massage session, you can indulge, and if it gets deeper, there is no limit to reach a higher level. There is a very fine line between sensuality and sexuality and in our professional salon, the chosen masseuse will be careful not to pass over the borders of the salons principles and also of the ones of legality.

A massage session can not be replaced by any other type of massage, because the erotic massage will take you to a stage where you will simply fall in a trance, relaxed physical and mental, free from stress and rejuvenated.

Among the benefits of the erotic massage Bucharest we mention some: stress relief, anxiety treatment, it also helps in treating premature ejaculation, stimulates libido, relaxes muscles and strengthens the heart and other organs of the body.

The lingam massage represents the massage of penis. In the teachings of tantra, it is believed that the nerve endings in the penis or lingam are in communication with other parts of the body and any problem can be solved with a massage that brings not only pleasure but also healing effect. Lingam massage is experiencing a state of complete freedom and relaxation. The way to climax becomes more important than climax.

You really need to come to try an erotic massage – is wonderful to be touched … to be started … to feel every cell of your body that is vibrating of sexual energy and pleasure.

Double massage

If you wish to be pampered by two beautiful girl masseuses at the same time – dream of every man- well, now your dream can come true.
Our erotic massage salon makes this dream come true – you will feel like in seventh heaven with two girls chosen by you and you will enjoy the massage in an absolute harmony. You will feel how every part of your body will be thankful and you will not forget for weeks the sensation of pleasure.

Couple massage

We make the following recommendation: feed your relationship and expand the horizons. Stops voyeuristic desires, or join your partner so you can simultaneously enjoy the company of our ladies, specially trained to offer moments of ecstasy. We do mention that this service is customized to fit the unique desires and comfort level of each couple separately, so your session will become as unique as your relationship. Please do inform your chosen masseuses any special requests that you or your partner have, before starting the massage session.

We recommend couples massage to all couples who want to spend time with their partner in a special erotic atmosphere, which will help in case they want to spice up the relationship. Together with two stunning girls that you can choose and with your partner, the four can treat each other and will let themselves carried in yet unsuspected erotic spheres. Guests who should try this massage are people that are not jealous.

Jacuzzi massage

We invite you to try a session of jacuzzi massage, where you will feel caresses of the sensual chosen Miss, sliding on your body, you get a full body massage with a lingam massage at the end, you will feel relaxed and carefree, everything happening in the jacuzzi, with a beautiful lady and a bottle of champagne on the house.

Domination Massage

Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism are techniques of dominant massage comprising sadistic practices of dominance and subordination, correlated with flogging, nipple torture, “medical”examining, strap-on / dildo, verbal and physical humiliation, fetter, restricting the enjoyment, education and discipline, defamation, heels and many other surprises that you will discover in our erotic massage salon. You are invited to come and let yourself on the hands of our ladies to guide you on a journey of total satisfaction and to fulfill the wildest fantasies that you have. Our reputation is our success, so please come to the best experience that you can live.