Saraj’s career in massage

Saraj’s career in massage


It started innocently enough. Sarah became a massage therapist out of a passion for helping people improve through touch. She excelled in school and finished at the top of her class. Where most people went to work at a place like Massage Envy, Sarah was more business savvy and decided to start her own business. The easiest place to do this was on classifieds sites. Of course, it had its share of bastards who demanded a happy ending, but that came with the deal. Breaking or leaving was much cheaper and made him much more money than renting a place or working for someone. She excelled at her job and had a boyfriend who wholeheartedly supported her career choice.

One thing Sarah liked about the massage was the sensuality of it. She secretly loved seeing how many erections she could give a guy during massage and teasing him endlessly and she was never disappointed. As much as she liked it, it never went any further, and if she got hot, which she usually did, she would either use her vibrator in the car or come home and have sex with her boyfriend, Taylor, to relieve herself. Taylor was a tall, handsome guy. He loved taking care of Sarah, either in bed or buying her flowers or gifts and cleaning the house before he came home from work. She loved to please and had a submissive side that perfectly suited her dominant personality. Sarah kept telling her how big his cock was and how perfect it was for her pussy while they were doing it. She usually orgasmed by riding him, getting that perfectly shaped cock at the right angle and grinding until she collapsed from her intense orgasm. Taylor’s penis averaged about 12cm, not too thin or too thick and curved slightly upwards. Taylor loved how hot the massages made her so she could reap the benefits.

Sarah rarely had female clients and only said no to men who were ridiculous or creepy. He loved giving people massages and making a lot of money doing it. Like I said, it all started innocently enough.

Sarah was finishing up a 90-minute Swedish massage with a guy who left him so turned on that his penis twitched under the towel for the last 30 minutes non-stop. He had a big smile on his face as he washed his hands knowing that he would finish himself as soon as he left the room. She gave him a little extra time so he could get dressed and pay her. She knew that teasing the boys usually meant more tips and more sessions, which of course meant more money in her pocket and this being her third massage of the day, her pockets were full. Or of course she got a little wet because of him, but she had the vibrator in the car and was more than willing to use it before she left. As she dried her hands, she looked at her work phone and saw a message.

– Hello. My name is Congo. I saw your ad and was wondering if you are available for a massage tonight or tomorrow night?

Taylor had to work all day today so she wouldn’t be home for hours, which left Sarah free to get one last massage. She replied:

– Actually, I just finished a massage and I’m free for the rest of the night. Do you want incall or outcall?

– I would like to outcall if you don’t mind.

– Sure. I can come right now 🙂

– Awesome 🙂 See you soon!

After Sarah packed her bags, she took her money and went to her car. As soon as she got there, she reached into her purse, pulled the vibrator out of her pocket and slid it up her skirt, touching her clit, before pressing the power button only to find it out of batteries.

– Fuck! he said to himself before tossing it on the floor and leaving for the next meeting.

When he arrived, the first thing he noticed was how big the house was. Brand new Mercedes in front, immaculate garden. He took his meal and massage bag and rang the doorbell. As he stepped back he heard the lock being picked and the door opened. In front of her stood a tall man who was very muscular.

He smiled and said:

– Hi, you must be Sarah. You are even more beautiful than the picture in your ad.

Sarah seemed a little intimidated because tall people scared her a little. He had a thing for “tree people”. It was right on the edge of that height. Sarah just smiled back and said,

– Thank you. Yes, I’m Sarah. You must be Congo.

“Let me show you where you need to sit,” he said as he opened the door and led her inside.

As she followed him, she couldn’t help but curse the vibrator for not working as it was still wet. After preparing the meal, Congo returned in a robe.

– So what type of massage are you looking for?

– Well, I saw in your ad that you do lomi lomi massage. I’ve always wanted to try this. So 90 minutes of it?

– Okay, sure. Are there certain areas we need to focus on?

– My thighs and calves have been feeling tight lately, so maybe spend a little extra time there.

– Sounds good. Well, I’m going to wash my hands. Just undress under the sheets and I’ll be back in a minute.

When she returned, she went to her bag to grab a towel and realized she only had one clean one left.

– Fuck! she thought. Of course I would be turned on in that situation too.

He wished Taylor wasn’t working and could have had sex with him before taking this session.

– Well, be professional!

She slipped the massage belt over her skirt and kicked off her shoes before exiting the bathroom. She walked back into the room and saw Congo on the table with the sheet over him. Sarah slowly began to knead his back and legs, feeling the tension points. As he rose to his head, he grabbed the sheet and slowly pulled it up to his waist. She started at his head and worked his sensual scalp gently pulling his hair as she rubbed all over. She lowered herself onto his sculpted back, pouring more hot oil down his back and sliding her hands over his hard muscles. When she finished oiling her back, she grabbed the towel and draped it over her bottom over the sheet.

I hope it’s big enough, she thought as she placed a hand on the towel above his back and pulled the sheet down past his bottom. The towel barely covered the crack of his ass and she noticed that his scrotum was showing under the towel, so she gently pulled it down to cover his scrotum, leaving the top of the crack of his ass exposed.

– I’m sorry, I worked all day and this was the only clean towel I had left… she explained.

– Is OK. I know it was last minute and I heard lomi lomi was using minimal coverage anyway. I won’t tell if you don’t, he said with a chuckle.

Normally a remark like that would have made her leave, but being turned on and already there, she decided it was okay. So she dripped oil on his right leg and began massaging it in higher motions until she ran her hands over his firm bottom. She moved to the other side and coated herself in oil before starting the full body movements. He ran his hands under his body, his abs tight and his chest smooth for better movement during the lomi lomi. She was hitting all the right places and she didn’t mind admiring his firm body. She went down to his hamstrings and he winced.

– I’m sorry they are very tense. Just be gentle, please.

Sarah started slowly and didn’t get much leverage, so she pulled one of his legs to the side and stretched it up, making her buttocks open and moving the towel down, showing a little more of his crack, leaving almost nothing covered. except for his testicles. As she massaged the hamstring, she noticed his cock running down his other leg and her heart skipped a beat as she wasn’t sure how she could do his other leg without exposing it. As she thought about it, she slowly moved up her inner thigh, going higher than she normally would, and her right hand touched his shaved balls.

– Oops, sorry, she said and moved his leg back into place.

– Is OK. I just thought I would have to pay extra for it.

– Lol, she said embarrassed.

As she moved to his other leg, she thought to herself.

– I’m a professional. I can do this!

She started on his other leg, same squeeze. Damn it, she thought. She couldn’t see his cock from this angle, but she knew it was long and she couldn’t reach too high without touching him. While he was doing his best on his back, he knew it was time to work on the other leg. As she lifted his leg and moved it to the side, the largest cock she had ever seen appeared. She put her foot to the side, not taking her eyes off his cock.

She was troubled and said to Congo:

– I will move this towel to cover your penis. Next time I’ll bring a bigger towel so I can cover you properly.

– As long as when we finish my tension is gone, you can do whatever you want.

She removed the towel from his crack and placed it over the at least 8 inches, gently pressing the towel down, feeling his thick hardness beneath. His ass and testicles were completely exposed, but at least she had that huge cock covered. God, it was wet now. Her panties were soaked and the juices were starting to run down her thigh. She went back to work on his leg, stretching it and massaging it as the anus winked at her. She moved her foot up to his bottom and not knowing why, she left his leg at an angle all the while glancing at the towel, seeing it move slightly from time to time. He then moved his other leg back into the frog position and stood up on the table at Congo’s feet, completely exposed. Hips lifted, bottom spread while only the 23cm towel gave any modesty to his cock alone. Sarah stood up on the table, kneeling on either side of his engorged member. Looking down, she could see him pointing at her hot, wet pussy. She then slowly touched both legs, massaging them up and down, moving up towards his bottom. He took the oil and dripped some onto his hands, letting some fall onto the crack. That oil landed right on his anus, which made him wince.

– I’m sorry again, I didn’t mean for this to happen! she said as she instinctively reached out to clean it off and just rubbed the oil in even more.

– Mmm, he said as she was mortified to realize he was just rubbing her anus and bottom inside now.

– I am sorry! I shouldn’t be touching you here, she said as she pulled her hands away.

What are you doing Sarah! Get together! You are a professional. No more massage when you’re horny!

– Well, if you want to tease me with this, maybe you can clean it with a towel.

– Sure, she said as she reached for the towel and squeezed his cock, forgetting it was there. Damn it.

She lifted it off his cock, leaving it fully exposed again.

– Mmm so far the best massage ever, for several reasons, he chuckled.

Sarah started to dab her bottom and rub it trying to dry it a little. He thrust his bottom into her every time she touched his hole and she found herself pressing back through the cloth. After she puts the towel back over his cock and slides her hands over his bottom, up to his glistening shoulders, bending over him, almost crushing her breasts into his ass. She repeats the motion and a few times she thinks about how she remembered this from when she massaged Taylor that time. Slowly, Taylor gets off the table, leaving him completely exposed. She goes to his left leg and slowly puts it back straight. Still looking at this massive cock, now dripping semen onto the table, Sarah slowly walks over to her right leg and lifts it and places it back on his member and moves the towel back to his ass.

Her pussy is on fire as she picks up the sheet from the floor and covers Congo’s body. She does a few more relaxing strokes on his legs, trying to dissipate the sexual tension before lifting the blanket and asking him to turn around. As she does, Sarah puts the sheet back on and notices that there is no bulge where his cock should be.

– Damn, sit straight down.

She moves the sheet down slowly until she reaches where his pubic hair should be. Still horny, she frantically pulls the sheet down until she sees the base of his cock. Sarah’s heart skips a beat as she props up the sheet and begins to rub his stomach and chest. She finds herself pinching his nipples. Once his upper body is slick, she grabs the washcloth and drapes it over the sheet. She places her hand at the base of his cock, holding the cloth while her other hand pulls the sheet.

Congo’s penis is lying in the middle of the table under the towel.

– Gosh, that’s bigger than Taylor’s and it’s not even remotely tall.

Sarah starts on her feet again. He pulls it up and to the side again. The cloth falls a little, but she grabs it before his entire cock is exposed. He starts to grow a little as she begins to massage his thigh. Slowly moving higher until she could feel the warmth of his groin on the back of her hand. His cock starts to get harder and rise a little, and the weight makes it shift to the other leg. She continued to massage closer, going over his pubic mound and staying just inches from the towel. As he watches Congo’s penis fill with blood under the cloth, small pieces continue to be exposed. First, the purple head is peaking out while his cock is lying sideways. She presses her hand to the base of his cock as she readjusts the towel. Congo’s cock continues to swell and finally moves, hitting Sarah’s hand at the base of his cock. She holds it there as the washcloth is spread over his leg and she feels this huge cock touching her hand. Her other hand slides up his chest and squeezes as she slowly begins to move her right hand under the weight of this massive cock.

Just then she feels a hand under her skirt right on her wet pussy.

– Looks like someone is enjoying their activity, Congo says as his hand presses down on her wet panties, rubbing her clit.

– I’m sorry Congo. This is not a mutual touch massage. could you please take your hand

 He continues to rub her pussy and ass. After a few seconds Sarah has to take her free hand off his chest and pull his arm away.

She is overcome with lust as she feels the length on the back of her hand. Slowly sliding her hand down his abdomen, she feels his cock twitch and slaps her hand. She turns her hand and grabs the biggest cock she’s ever felt. Slowly, she feels the veins and reaches out to grab his huge testicles, weighing them as her other hand reaches for the head of his cock. Congo gasps now and arches her hips to meet his grip. He slowly starts stroking from the base to the head. Both hands leave another third untouched.

– How big is it? Sarah asks eagerly.

– A little over 23 cm.

He smiles watching this sexy girl playing with his cock.

– I see you’re curious.

 He winks at her.

– My penis looks so sexy in your little hands.

– Hey! I’m half native, she says coyly and slaps his cock. My boyfriend is about half your size.

– Poor girl. Well, if you’ve ever wanted to try a man’s penis, you’ve got one in your hands right now.

– Mhmm, she licks her lips.

– I’m told it tastes good too, Congo winks.

Sarah looked at him as she stroked him long and slow.

– Sorry, the only cock I suck is my boyfriend’s, she giggles.

– Well, I didn’t expect that either, so I’m not complaining.

Sarah looks at him and just nods.

– Mmm good girl. Get up on the table between my legs and stroke me. I want to see your face when I ejaculate.

Sarah does exactly as she’s told and climbs up.

– Ride my leg while you play with my cock.

She eagerly does this forgetting that she only has her panties soaked under her skirt. She grinds her pussy on his leg as she starts pumping his cock with both hands. She works his leg well trying to make his cock squirt while she tries to orgasm. She pulls his cock towards her focusing on his top half almost to an orgasm.

“Damn, you’re a hot whore,” he says as he pulls her skirt up and smacks her. Make my cock cum for you. Faster, baby.

He leaned forward for more leverage, leaving his mouth open just an inch from the head. Her face is full of lust as she stares at this huge cock in her hands just inches from her face. Congo takes this opportunity to thrust her hips and the head slides right into her open wet mouth. She doesn’t move her head. It doesn’t retreat and it doesn’t go down. He just keeps his hips arched with his head in her mouth. Sarah instinctively closes her lips and tastes his cum as he pulls out, then thrusts his head back in. She just rubs harder against his leg as her head fills his mouth.

– Yes, baby, swallow my sword. Be a good girl and taste my cum.

Just then Sarah starts shaking as her orgasm takes over and she arches her back screaming and Congo grabs his cock, driving it towards her face. As she starts screaming, Congo starts pumping a huge load into Sarah’s face and open mouth. She sits there on his leg as the sperm comes out again and again from his huge cock; covering her face, shirt, skirt and hands. Once he regains his composure, he just looks at that now-soft cock, lying on his leg. She squeezes the last drop of cum onto her finger and Congo guides his finger into her mouth as she tastes it.

– Mmm, that was it, hot girl. You look so sexy covered in my cum.

Sarah looked down.

– My clothes are covered in your cum. How am I going to explain this?

– It’s in your hair and in your mouth too, he winked at her. You better undress when you get home so your boyfriend doesn’t see the mess I made. Take off your panties. I want to clean your face with them.

She stood up and slid them down. He wipes the cum from her face and hair, making sure to spread the cum on her lips, then gives it back.

– Put them back and I want you to do something when you get home. Mmm you are such a good girl. You definitely get a big tip. Same time next week baby?

– How could I say no? she winked.

– Okay now take your things and leave. I must sleep. When you get home, remember, I have some instructions for you…

Before she got home, Sarah texted Taylor to strip and wait on the couch, blindfolded and handcuffed. He did immediately and sat back on the couch. When he got home, he found Taylor as he had instructed. She immediately undressed and stuck his cock in her wet pussy and put her panties in her mouth.

– I’ve been waiting for this all day, she whispers. Taste how wet the thought of your cock made me. Every massage today left me wanting to be you, and the last one made me the most turned on. I was wet all day, as you can taste.

– Mhmm, is all he can say muffled by the used panties.

-The last guy had the biggest penis I’ve ever seen.

Sarah moans as she bounces on his cock dreaming of Congo’s monster. It must have been twice her boyfriend’s.

Taylor loved hearing about her massages while they had sex. Knowing that he took care of them so much just to come home and end up on his cock.

– He wants to see me next week too. Maybe I’ll play with it a little when I do.”

She moans into his ear before screaming in ecstasy trembling on Taylor’s cock, causing him to shoot his small load inside her well soaked pussy.