Fun at the massage parlor

Fun at the massage parlor


I had been married for about 15 years when I got a job transfer and my wife and I moved. However, our home life had become a bit stale, especially in the bedroom. He had always wanted to move and now that he was here the heat in the bed seemed to be reduced to a low simmer. Sex was once a week if I was lucky and always in the missionary position. Basically, he would lay back, spread his legs, and wait for me to finish, making a few token moans to try and trick me into thinking he liked it. She hated oral (“I don’t want that in my mouth, gross”) and complained that other positions were uncomfortable. At one point, she blurted out that sex was one of the “wifely duties” she had to do.

When we were married, the sex was pretty good. She wasn’t crazy about oral, but she was giving it a go and trying other positions without fuss. It seemed like she was waiting for me to take her here before I put an end to most of them.

As a result, I would spend more and more time checking out all the eye candy that comes here on vacation. However, I’m not very good at the whole seduction thing, so what I usually did was watch.

I said usually”. One day I was so excited that I thought of visiting one of the local massage parlors. I had heard some details about these places from a friend at work and he recommended one to go to for stress. I found the place one afternoon and entered. Once at the door, I was greeted by a woman whom-a taken to a dimly lit room. I paid the house tax, then she closed the door andm-a left alone inside.

A few minutes later the door opened and the prettiest girl I had ever seen walked in. She was tall, a nice little figure with big fake breasts. I didn’t really care if they were fake or not, they looked great. She was wearing a tiny two-piece bikini. She introduced herself as Annie and asked if I wanted a shower. I said sure toom-a helped me undress As she crouched down and pushed my shorts down over my cock, which was already starting to harden, she reached up and smacked his chin. She laughed, grabbed the base of his cock and gave him a small kiss on the tip. A small moan forced its way from her lips. She looked up, smiled at me, then opened her mouth and took it all in and inhaled gently. I gasped as I felt the tip hit his neck. She started to pull away but I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her deeper into my mouth. He relaxed toom-a dropped off. It felt wonderful. He sucked on it for a few seconds, then slowly pulled away from me.

– Shower first, she whispered smiling.

Then he got up, wrapped a towel around me and we went to the shower.

I don’t remember much about the shower except thatm-a lay on a padded bench and scrubbed me with liquid soap. She was particularly attentive to my nether regions. After I was clean we went back to the room where I laid with a towel over me and she left for a minute.

When he returned, he locked the door and dimmed the lights. She came to me and removed my towel. She then untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Those breasts were perfect, big and round with small nipples. She smiled at the satisfied look on my face, then quickly pulled down her pants. I stood up as she slowly walked towards me. Then he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face into those delicious breasts.

I opened my mouth and frantically sucked on the nipple. Then I opened more until my mouth was filled with breast. I grabbed the other one with one hand and her bottom with the other. It had been so long since I had had some good sex that I couldn’t help myself. I pulled her into me and sucked and squeezed her body. One time I think I was a little too harsh because she tried to pull out. I let go of her bottom and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her even harder against me.

After a few minutes, I let him go. He immediately knelt down in front of me, grabbed my cock, and with one swift movement took it all into his mouth. She sucked frantically, my earlier burst of lust catching up and affecting her. Again and again I felt the tip hit the back of her neck. Then he made an effort and took me by the neck. The tightening sensation was incredible. I almost got lost and was about to drop my load right then. He pulled it out, took a deep breath, then did it again. And again.

By this point, the only thing I could think about was trying not to ejaculate. She seemed to realize this. He took me out of his mouth, reached over to a shelf and grabbed a condom. She put it in her mouth, then slowly took my cock in her mouth again, putting the condom on. Once it was on he told me to lie down. After I lay down she climbed on top of me,m-a positioned, then with a powerful movement, she fell down, pushing my cock deep into her.

Her mouth fell open in surprise and she gasped as the tip hit her cervix hard. She gave up on that, then started seriously riding me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down as I thrust into her. After only a few moments I couldn’t resist anymore. I ejaculated in an explosive rage. I have never had such a strong orgasm. I grabbed her hips and held her in place, not letting her move. When the orgasm was over I gasped, released her and lay back relaxing.

She was smiling perversely as she got off me. He removed the condom and took another towel, this one warm and wet with soap, and wiped me off. I thought that was it and was getting ready to get up and get dressed when he came back and laid down next to me. She caressed my cock and gently pulled my testicles until I started to harden again.

– Can you ejaculate again? she asked.

I blinked in surprise, then said:

– With the right motivation..

She smiled and stood up. He spread my legs and got between them. He got on his hands and knees and gripped my stiff erection. Then, with another perverted smile, he took me in his mouth and began to suck. She rolled her tongue around him, tugged at him, pulled him out to lick him up and down, sucked his testicles, then took him back into her mouth. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was doing her best to swallow it. I was stiff in no time.

After another minute he got off me and grabbed another condom from the shelf. She put it on as before and continued to suck. I think he wanted to suck me, but I had other ideas. I took it out of her mouth and told her not to move. I quickly got up and went behind her. Her knees were on the edge of the bed so she was in a perfect position. I reached behind her and stuck my cock between her legs. He grabbed it with one hand andm-a slipped into it.

I grabbed her hips and started pulling her as hard as I could. Her bottom slapped against my abdomen as I entered her. He started to thrust himself back at me, tugging on my cock. After a minute, his mouth opened and a horrifying gasp came out of his mouth. Her pussy grabbed me and shook uncontrollably. Then I went over the edge and fired another load into it. We both shook like that for a few moments, then relaxed. I slipped out of it with sore testicles from two hard orgasms.

He took another towel andm-a cleaned up. I got dressed and she put her bikini back on. We walked to the door and as I reached for the handle, she grabbed my hand.

– It was very good, she said.

Then he wrapped his arms around my neck andm-a pulled into a kiss. Her tongue parted my lips and touched my tongue. He shared his body inside me. I turned it over and taped it to the door. The kiss deepened. Amazingly, I felt my penis harden. I grabbed her bottom and squeezed her. She broke the kiss and started kissing my neck. I grabbed her breast and squeezed it She pushed me and we went back to bed. I untied her bikini top and she took off her bottom. My pants were next then my shirt. She and I lay on top of her, still kissing and groping, our fatigue forgotten. She broke the kiss and looked at the shelf.

– I’m out of condoms, she said.

Then he turned me on my back. She grabbed my cock and started sucking it again, sucking hard and frantically. I didn’t know if I could ejaculate again, but she was trying to make me. He sucked furiously until I felt him build. When he felt me ​​tense, he took it out, grabbed my cock and started pumping. Another hard orgasm shook through me, but only a little cum came out.

She said:

– Wow. I’ve never seen anyone ejaculate three times in such a short time.

The woman at the reception knocked on the door and said:

– Time is up.

She giggled again andm-a helped me get dressed

As I was leaving, she whispered to me:

– Ask about me when you get back. You are the best.