My first real massage

 My first real massage


I’ve been to a few massage places. They were pleasant, but nothing really erotic, until this lady I called. I saw his ad online. It sounds very nice on the phone. She was energetic and had a nice accent. I made an appointment.

She worked from home. When he answered the door, I was pleasantly surprised. He was about 40 years old, but still fit. He was wearing shorts and a tight tank top. She seemed very pleased to see me. She smiled, looked me up and down, then said:

– Ohh, how tall you are!

He led me to the table. Smiling, she said:

– Please take off ALL your clothes… or stay in what you feel comfortable with. You can hang them there. Then lie face down on the table with the towel over you. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

As he headed for the door, I took off my shirt. With her hands on her belt buckle, I watched her take one last look before closing the door. Our eyes made contact and she looked very embarrassed and looked away and closed the door.

I undressed. Only in my boxers now, I remember what she had said.

– Please take off ALL your clothes.

I fondly remembered how he emphasized the word “ALL” and how his eyes lowered a little when he said it. Well, I thought, don’t be shy, you may never get this opportunity again. I took them down. I sat there for a second or two enjoying the strange sensation of being empty.

I got on the table, on my stomach. The soft mass felt exquisite on my cock, which soon became erect. I pulled the towel over me. It wasn’t a very big towel. It covered my bottom and sides, but that was about it. There was also a thin white towel. I wondered if it would be practically transparent when I returned. It might not be see-through, I thought, but it certainly wouldn’t offer much protection from her gaze if she chose to look. But that didn’t bother me, in fact I was hoping he would look. I wanted to look. That’s why I was here. That was my fantasy, that a legitimate masseuse would become so enthralled with me that she couldn’t keep her hands off me.

There was a knock on the door and she came back into the room. While she was doing the massage, we talked all the time, about TV shows, travel, sports, weather, etc. She was also very good, you could tell she had practice. As her hands worked my back, a wave of pleasure coursed through me. The feeling is indescribable as those chills run down your spine. But anyway, when it started on my legs, it crept up my inner thigh. Then he made long strokes up and down my leg. Each stroke lengthened until her hands made inroads into my buttocks. Her warm, soft hands went under the towel, but each time she did so she pushed the towel further away from me. He had moved the towel so far that he had to see my testicles. Her hand came as close as possible to touch them. The conversation was dying down at this point, we were both really focusing on what was going on. He also worked the buttocks. But this was great, definitely worth the price of admission, previous masseuses didn’t do this. She spent a lot of time here. Her left hand kneaded my left buttock, hip, and side of my thigh while her right hand worked the center of my thigh, then my inner thigh. He then moved the towel back to its original place, covering me completely.

Then he worked on the other leg, repeating the delightful process. Although this time her kick moved the towel almost completely off of me. The combination of the physical sensations along with the other aspects of the situation was intoxicating. The feel of her warm hands expertly working my legs and bare ass. The thought that I was almost completely naked in front of this strange lady. I have wondered. What was he thinking? Was this normal? Just a job? Boring for her? He had to be able to see my testicles. Was he looking at them? What did she think of them? Did they pique his interest or were they just like all the others?

Then she took the towel and then asked me to come back. I was looking at her when I did it to see her expression. He seemed to be looking away, but he was watching out of the corner of his eye. As he put the towel back on me I told him I felt great. And that it was the best massage I’ve ever had, etc. She smiled and said thank you. This led to more discussion as she began working on my arm and hand. We talked about vacations, the coolest places we’ve been, places we’d like to go, our favorite music, food, movies, etc. It was a great experience, the massage was great, even the conversation. And this lady wasn’t hot, but she was attractive. She said I was much nicer than her other customers. She said she usually had rude elders. And I have to say that when she was rubbing my stomach I couldn’t help but start getting hard. He seemed to be watching it begin to grow. Her hands were rubbing so close. I felt the cloth rub against my cock as my cock expanded. This towel did nothing to hide it. She could clearly see his outline. There was no way she couldn’t see my erection. This towel barelym-a covered. The bottom only covered my testicles, while the top, if my penis had been half an inch bigger, would have popped out of the top of the towel. As her hands traced circles on my stomach along the edge of the towel, she smiled and seemed to purse her lips almost as if to say “ooohh”. Eventually she realized I was watching her intently. She was a little embarrassed as she smiled shyly at me, then broke eye contact. He seemed to say oops, I stared a little there and you caught me.

She grabbed the side of the towel and gently turned it to expose my thigh. As he did this, the folded part of the towel landed lightly on the area of ​​the towel that my penis was under. That light touch felt electrifying. She didn’t touch my genitals, but she seemed to have ways of moving the towel (during a normal massage session) that would make contact for her. She did the front of my leg. Then he went to do the other one. He grabbed this part of the towel and folded it. I was now completely naked except for this small towel, neatly folded over my erection. Her hands made long strokes over my legs and her stomach and around the other leg and back.

She seemed to be waiting for me. I really wanted to ask him a ‘favor’. (I had never done this before so I was very excited) but I let myself down. Finally, with one hand on my thigh and the other on my stomach, she said:

– How do you feel, are you relaxed?

I answered yes. Then a little break. Then she finally said:

– Don’t rush to get up.

And so the massage ended.

After paying her, I asked her if I could schedule another massage. When she came back with her agenda, she sat very close to me in my personal space. I could smell her perfume and being so close gave me a great view of her cleavage. My mind was swimming in possibilities.

Next week, I’m going back there again. I spoke again as she let me into her house. The strange thing was thatm-a followed back into the room, still talking. So I took off my shirt. It’s still there, leaning against the wall. Then the shoes and I sat down to take off my socks. She is still there and we talk a little. I think this is really exciting. She’s this lady looking at me that I don’t know and I’m about to undress. I stand up and pull down my shorts so I reach my boxers. She is still there!! He doesn’t look directly, but he still glances. I have to admit I beat her. I stood there like an idiot for about 3-5 minutes, carrying on the conversation in my boxers. Then he seemed to realize I was agitated about it and left the room. (I’m not ashamed of my body, I’m in good physical shape and I’m 16 cm when I’m erect, but this was just weird, I’d never done anything like that. Yes, I’d slept with other women before but this it was a totally different context. First there was the kissing and hugging, warming up, etc. It was strange to be so undressed in the presence of a clothed woman.)

But anyway, she left and I took off my boxers and got on the table on my stomach. Pulling the towel over me, I was thinking why did she stay? Was he really enjoying the view? Or did he do this with all clients? When she returned, the massage continued as last time. Only this time I could have sworn that when she was rubbing my inner thigh, one of her fingers made very light contact with my testicles. I thought I imagined it. Then he asked me to come back. She put the towel on me and started on my thigh. But she looked confused and kept beating the towel. I asked her if everything was okay. She said she normally didn’t use a towel. And I worked up the courage to say something like:

– Eh, ah, we don’t need a towel.

Her eyes sparkled as she removed the towel. This feeling of being naked in front of a woman in this context was incredible! Better than coke, whiskey, weed or anything else! It felt like her eyes were invisible hands massaging my cock!

She continued the massage as before, totally “professional” except I was completely naked in front of this woman. And he worked on my thigh and hip. He was looking directly at my Johnson. Even though I was excited, I was scared, so I was soft. I continued the discussion. Although the discussion had definitely changed at this point. I was talking about nudism. She said a body is just a body etc. It’s not a big deal. (Then why was she looking at me like that? Was it just in my imagination? Maybe she was a nudist and this was just a normal massage?)

But anyway, I was undressed and this fully clothed lady was rubbing oil on my body. Later he started working on my abdomen. The shallow talk seemed to die down. She was making circular motions on my stomach and occasionally running a hand along my leg, then back again, going up my inner back to my abdomen, then my lower abdomen. All this time she was blatantly staring at my cock.. All this time I was just sneaking a look at her but now she was getting a little bolder. I look at her and her eyes are fixed on the cock almost wanting to get hard. I look at her breasts and they are big. Almost too big for her thin frame. Then it started happening. My penis started to get hard. As it unfolded I looked up from her breasts and to her face, was that a smile on her lips? Yes, that was it, she’s definitely enjoying it too. I was completely naked in front of this clothed lady and my penis was growing to a full erection. She had rubbed everything except my penis and testicles. But he was so close to touching them. This lasted a minute or two. Then he took the towel and put it back on me and said that was it.

My mind was swimming. Was this lady a police officer? Was I going to end up humiliated on public television or in the local newspaper? Hell, I didn’t care. I asked her something to the extent that it would be good and put my hand on the penis through the towel and rubbed it a little bit.

He seemed to be thinking the same thing putting it all together. Was I a policeman? Would he lose his license? I’d like to think that this was the exception rather than the norm for her “business” and I was a lucky exception. Then she said:

– Okay, sure!

And with that he peeled off the towel and applied some oil to my testicles and got down to it. For at least 5 minutes he rolled my testicles in his hand. He devoted himself to them, but did not touch my cock. That is until he grabbed my scrotum with one hand and pulled down on it. This forced my anger straight up into the air.

With her eyes dancing from my cock to my face and back to my cock again, she said:

– I can’t believe I’m doing this, I never do this.

But I really didn’t care. He released my testicles and his cock slapped my abdomen with a thud. Then she grabbed the bottle of hot oil and, starting at the base of my cock, poured a trickle of oil. She continued up the cock to the head. Her hands felt wonderful as they made contact. She knew every trick in the book. I was in heaven. Finally, he decided to release me. Her left hand gripped my cock firmly and the other tickled my testicles.

This fully clothed lady was now caressing my cock.. I put my arm around her holding her close. I looked down at her hands working me, then up at her face, then I dumped a load that would have put Peter North to shame. It splashed everywhere. I collected this load for 8 days. The best part was that this lady was thrilled and screamed at the first splash and then met each successive splash with an “ooh” “oh” “yeah”

With determination, she squeezed out the last drop of sperm. He said he hasn’t seen that much sperm in a long time. Inwardly I shouted “YES!!”. She did a good job of cleaning me up. I’ve had about 80 massages (from several different masseuses) but I’ve never been able to repeat this. I’ve had a lot of good experiences since then, but I think the first time is something special.