Massage with a very happy ending

 Massage with a very happy ending


I have always loved massage, especially sensual massage. I found the massage part of massage parlor activities to be a lot of fun for me, maybe more so than the so called happy ending part. The sex part always felt more like a business transaction. It felt like a contest between seeing how fast the masseuse could make me finish and how long I could last. I once even paid a prostitute some extra money to continue fondling and teasing instead of stroking my cock.

I suddenly woke up with a desire for something sensual. I found a local listing and called to make an appointment. When I got there, I went through the usual preliminaries. Once I was empty and waiting on a table, Margaret, the “massage therapist” came in, introduced herself and started massaging my face, which was somewhat unusual. Usually in these places they gently massage your back, turn you around, massage your face until they reach your privates. They try to excite you, then give you the menu of “other services”.

This girl started by massaging my chest from above my head. As she touched my nipples, a shock went through me and she noticed I was trembling.

– Are you okay, dear? she asked.

– Yes, it’s just that I’m a bit sensitive there. Not too bad, just very sensitive.

She continued to massage my pecs, but then moved on to making contact with my nipples, until she finally placed her index fingers right on them and rotated them a bit. They responded quickly and became strong. Then she caught them between her fingers and as she did she could see that the towel that was placed over my middle started to look like a tent. As she continued, she turned me on so much that my hips began to move, almost involuntarily.

– Ooh honey, we’ll definitely have to come back to these later.

 Her promise of future treats made me even more eager.

She made me turn around, which wasn’t all that easy considering my erection at the time. Lying on it wasn’t very comfortable either. She chuckled at my situation but didn’t offer to do anything about it. What could he do anyway?

She started massaging my shoulders, then got up on the massage table and climbed onto my thighs. She started massaging my lower back. As he tried to move his legs lower, he grabbed the towel covering my ass and pulled it. Was it intentional?

Her hands then started massaging my upper thighs and buttocks. And when he did, I started to wake up again. I began to thrust my hips back in a slow pulsing motion, no easy feat considering the fact that her weight was holding my legs down.

– Are you okay, dear? Does it turn you on if I touch your bottom?

Never having had someone play with my ass before, I was kind of surprised by my own feelings. I just stammered:

– Uh, yeah. Yes. Even I was surprised at how innocent I looked.

The masseuse then shifted her weight so that she now had a knee between my thighs, which caused my thighs to spread out a bit, leaving me quite exposed. She resumed massaging my bottom, but this time moving my bottom in such a way that it opened up often, giving her a more intimate view. As she did this, her fingers moved closer and closer to my opening. When they finally got down to it, I was kicking my ass up and down and I was really surprised by my own feelings here.

I heard the click of the massage oil bottle and then I felt a cool splash of oil right on my rose bud. I jumped at first, mostly out of surprise.

– Relax honey, you’re going to love this. Just calm down. I’ll take it easy and slow.

Then I felt his finger press against my ring and rub in a small circle. He then placed his fingertip right at the opening and applied firm, steady pressure. My ass started to give in and let his finger in. It felt both intrusive and extremely interesting at the same time. No one has put anything up my ass since my mom took my temperature like that when I was little. I was amazed by the sensations.

Her finger moved deeper, ever so slowly. She would take a break when she came in a little more, I suppose to let me get used to it. Before I knew it, I felt her hand pushing against my bottom and I knew her whole finger was inside me.

– Does that make you feel good, dear?

– Mmmm, was all I could answer.

Then he moved his finger, twisted it, then began to withdraw it. I was a combination of raw emotion and confusion. Of course, I had done this to women before, in preparation for kicking their ass. I always thought they put up with it for me. I never realized it could feel so good. As soon as his finger came out, he replaced it with two. He was a little uncomfortable and he could feel it.

– Relax, my love. Relax your butt muscles for me. So. I feel you are weakening them.

And with that, he pushed his two fingers all the way inside me, but hard this time. Gone was the tender sweetness of her first finger. Gone is the sweetness of my sweet massage girl.

– How is it? she said as she tapped her fingers hard.

I thrust my hips back and forth which seemed to be the only answer she needed.

– Oh, we’re going to have so much fun, sweet cheeks. Are you gay or something?

– Not as far as I know, I answered with a nervous laugh.

She had gotten off the massage table and was fiddling with something out of my field of vision. I was too nervous to look back at her. I felt like her victim, her lamb awaiting its fate. When she returned to the massage table she crawled between my now wide spread legs.

“Honey, if you weren’t already gay, I’ll make you bi now, at least,” she said with a laugh.

I felt her stretch my buttocks with the fingers of one hand, then I felt something cold and firm press against me. She wasn’t holding it right. Whatever it was, she didn’t handle it very well.

– A little higher. Above. No, it’s too high.

– You guide me. Lie back and hold this thing.

I lay back and felt what appeared to be a huge vibrator that was strapped to her. From the feel of the weight and thickness, I knew it was much bigger than my penis. How the hell could I take that in my ass? Will it hurt me? will i bleed Well, there was no turning back now.

I guided the monster right to her anus and held it there.

– OK, that was my only comment.

– OK what?

– It is pointed correctly.

– What the? What the? she asked, a little harsher the second time.

– It’s okay to continue. Come on”.

– Continue what?

I finally understood her drift.

– Go ahead and pull it for me.

– Want? Tell me, she demanded.

– Yes, please, fuck me. I want you to fuck my ass. take me

A quick thrust of her hips and the head of the large vibrator passed my sphincter. It hurt for a moment. I was not prepared for her sudden entrance.

– Oh, you’ve been with many women, haven’t you?

– Yes.

He drove another inch and stopped. It hurt again, but now I was starting to enjoy it. I was still in pain so I guess I was enjoying myself despite the pain; or maybe because of the pain; maybe I was enjoying the pain too. And then the pain went away.

He drove her in another inch or two with another hard thrust.

– How many? How many women’s asses have you fucked? Tell me!

 With the last sentence, he pushed the vibrator again.

– I do not know. Maybe about ten.

Just then, a loud noise came at the door. I guess that was the signal that the session had to end soon.

– Hey Brandi, come in here. I want to show you something.

I froze. Fuck! Will he let someone else see my defilement? I panicked but had no options.

When the door opened, the girl who had that huge vibrator in my ass started moving it in and out.

– Hey Brandi. Look what I have here. Do you want any of this?

Brandi was a petite brunette, wearing a t-shirt and skirt. My head was down, so I couldn’t see much of her face, but I could see her from her chest down. She walked behind me to watch Margaret thrust in and out of my ass. Margaret picked up the pace, alternating between short, hard thrusts and long, slow strokes.

– We also have a toy here. Take off your skirt and join us. I bet I can make him do anything.

After that, I pushed my bottom back so that her vibrator went all the way in for the first time. I moved my bottom back and forth, enjoying the feeling of him filling me.

As Brandi stripped off all her clothes, Margaret told her to slide under my face. The direction was clear to both of them. While Margaret took my ass, I had to satisfy Brandi orally. Margaret pulled my hips back until I was on my knees and Brandi jumped on the table and slid under my face. Her hair was neatly cut and being so close I could see elastic lines where the panties had been.

She gently placed her hand on the back of my head and guided my face to my feet. Margaret commanded:

– Get it right or I’ll kick your ass.

I tried my best to make Brandi orgasm. I tried to find her clit, which wasn’t yet aroused, but with all the thrusts from behind, I had trouble keeping my aim. It just wasn’t working.

Brandi grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He looked down at me and said:

– You’re not very good at that, are you?

Margaret pulled her dildo out of me in one long pull and then slammed my ass.

– Come back. Let’s do it my way.

I rolled onto my back and Margaret lifted my legs up until they were on her shoulders. Brandi then climbed over my face and hovered over me. I could see her pretty pussy right under her tightly closed rosebud. She hesitated for a second, then lowered herself onto my face, but still held back slightly.

Margaret then instructed me to guide the vibrator again. I reached down and directed it at my now slack ass. She held her head against my hole for a second and then said something to Brandi that I couldn’t hear clearly.

Brandi then sat on my mouth much harder and as she did Margaret slammed that vibrator into me hard. It went all the way in, in one big blow. When I felt the base on my ass, Brandi moved her hips back and forth a bit as if to make the seal better.

I started licking, sucking and doing everything I could to please Brandi. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole, sucked her clit, let my nose slide into her pussy. As I stuck my tongue in her pussy, my nose pressed against her rosebud.

I could hear them talking to each other softly now as Margaret moved in and out of me again. In this position, she could reach much further inside me. I could feel my cheeks turning to honey and butter. My cock was hard and I wanted to stimulate myself, but I thought it best not to touch myself without Margaret’s order.

I felt the two move a little and then I realized they were kissing. And then it happened. Brandi started to ejaculate. She shook, moaned, thrust her hips back and forth in sharp spasms. He sat on my mouth even harder. Luckily I had just taken a breath because now my mouth and nose were so covered I couldn’t breathe.

I had great satisfaction in knowing that I had made Brandi cum. Just then I heard Margaret call out:

– Damn it, Brandi. I’m going to ejaculate.

I felt a few hard thrusts and then the vibrator in my ass was still. Both women just ejaculated. However, I was satisfied. I felt the women change a bit and then one of them gripped my cock hard with some lube in her hand. He stroked me just a few times and I erupted like Vesuvius. Cum climbed my chest and neck and in subsequent spurts dribbled onto whose hand he had just lifted me up.

Brandi lifted off my face, leaving my cheeks wet with her stinging juices. Margaret slowly removed her vibrator from my ass. As she got up from the table, Brandi said to Margaret,

I guess we’ll have to call you Peg from now on.