Massage Chronicles – prostate massage – part 2a

 Massage Chronicles – prostate massage – part 2a

– Great, let’s put you on your back.

Then I noticed Betty’s bare breasts supported by her corset and her light brown pussy hair. I never wanted to fuck a grown lady, but I would have loved to fuck Betty at that moment. She was the sexiest middle aged lady I had ever met.

I also saw the wet spot the size of a coin in the center of the table where my cock had been pointing. My penis curled like a thick angry snake on my stomach as I turned around. Unfortunately, I was no longer fully erect.

– When you orgasm from the prostate, sometimes it’s like a woman, for a man, Betty recited to my bewildered face. Sometimes you can climax once or twice more.

She rolled my testicles in her palm, then gently massaged my cock.

– Twice?

 I was no longer a teenager.

– Would you like to have another prostate orgasm?

 She smiled at me. Her smile gave me the feeling that it wasn’t something she offered to every man.

– Um sure, yes.

I did not see how this was possible. My eyes focused on her pussy.

– You like this! Betty brought my palm up to her moist lips. You will like it, you will see. With her hand next to mine, she guided two fingers into her warm pussy.

– That’s great? Betty asked for my approval.

I nodded.

– Mmm-hmm. Her clit was firm as a hot grape in my palm as Betty pulled my fingers for several minutes.

After placing a few pillows under my head, Betty moved back to the foot of the massage table.

This time, he spread my legs wide and climbed onto the leg of the table.

– Put your feet up, please.

I lifted my legs up and Betty untied them and slipped hers underneath.

Every time I lifted my hips and legs, Betty crawled forward until her thighs were supporting my hamstrings. I understand. My ass was now raised again, giving him easier access.

– Snake?

– I think so.

I was still inclined not to believe that it was possible to ejaculate again. I didn’t know everything about the prostate orgasm. My teenage years are long gone. That and my penis wasn’t hard either.

– Just relax, take a deep breath, I’ll take care of it.

 Betty used both hands to gently massage my cock and testicles to prevent an erection or response.

To be honest, my mind didn’t seem interested in it, and neither did my penis. However, I didn’t want to disappoint her.


– Relax, relax, just breathe.

 Betty leaned forward and massaged my chest and nipples. It was beautiful, relaxing and sensual. There didn’t seem to be any rush, Betty was taking her time, circling my pectoral muscles and then touching my nipples. Circles outwards then inwards. With each circle, my nipples wanted more. I pushed my chest up. Betty pinched them, making my groin tingle.

She smiled at me. I smiled back, cupping her breasts and her lovely body. She was sexy. I felt another tingle as she adjusted one of my nipples. Betty was very aware of the reaction and leaned forward touching her mouth to my chest. He sucked and bit my nipple hard then moved to the other side. I flinched and so did my cock, now awake.

– You like it here?

Betty grabbed my slightly thickened cock and directed it towards her pussy. She used my cock head to rub her clit and pussy lips.

– God.

 The submissive aspect of this woke me up. She was using my penis as her personal masturbation toy. Rubbing it between her labia and making it harden her clit.

She was in control and also using my body and this time the head of the penis to enjoy herself!

– So beautiful!


 I smiled. Pulling my cock down again, she rubbed it firmly up and down her wet slit. By the time she stopped, I don’t know who was more stimulated, me or her.

– There, you see. Betty seemed pleased with my now semi-erect cock.

He poured oil over my cock and testicles, letting it spill under them into my ass. With one hand on my cock, Betty stuck a finger in my ass again. She inserted her finger deep looking for my pleasure spot. As she worked with her finger, she grabbed my fat semi-erect cock and stroked it upwards. Every pull and finger convinced me more. Whatever she was doing in my ass added to that effect.

– So big, she smiled proudly stroking my shiny cock.

Betty also knew how to play with a man’s cock, running her hand just under my thick crest and then back down.

– So beautiful.

I laid my head back enjoying her manipulation of my body.

– Maybe two fingers? Betty was pushing a second finger around my sphincter.

Looking down at my slippery cock being gently stroked by Betty, the words alone made me harden up even more. I nodded.

– Wonderful.

Her second little finger slid gently into my ass. Even more, I liked how he stretched my ass.

Expertly, both fingers went to work on my prostate. Damn, that felt good.

– Oh, how nice!


Gradually, Betty decreased her tempo on my cock, slowly released it and massaged my ass with her fingers. Alternating movements on my cock as the two damn fingers stimulated my prostate.

– Oh man!

– It’s good, relax, you’ll see.

I could see. My penis wasn’t fully erect, but my hole was gaping.

– Oh that’s good.

Betty pressed with her fingers, somehow lifting my bottom inside of me. I was rubbing my ass on her hand again. This time, her fingers were shaking faster. Maybe he knew my places inside out now, or maybe it was the same for every guy, I didn’t care. That feeling slowly repeated itself.

I looked down at my cock and could see a creamy white drop pooling at the tip.

The sight of her delighted me. Knowing that Betty was going to make me cum again. She was intently focused on my misery now, also aware that I was close.

My body undulated on her fingers.

– Okay, relax.

 He pressed his palm under my testicles, lifting them up as he massaged my prostate with his fingertips.

– Relax and let it happen!

Kneading my place and fingering my ass brought another surge.

– God, it’s happening.

– Good good.

Betty kept her pace steady, then suddenly her fingers were quickly hitting my gland. The climax came quickly, as if out of nowhere. Like I jumped off a cliff and hit the water.

– Uh huh DA!

I lifted my pelvis, pushing my anus into her still throbbing fingers. My body shuddered and I looked down at my cock to see the cream slowly draining from my urethra.

– Okay, that’s it.

Betty continued to stimulate my prostate gland and squeeze my cock.

– Oh my God, it’s happening!

My prostate was focusing my climax again. It grew then became a softer, gentle and continuous orgasm, not like a sudden ejaculation. A slow and delicious pleasure.

A steady, creamy gush of prostate fluid flowed from my hole.

Betty continued, holding my climax, with her other hand she dipped into the pool of cum.

 Do you want to taste? She raised her eyebrows while still keeping my climax at bay. try

Shockingly, she licked off her finger, then scooped up another kind of cream, offering it to me.

This scene excited me and added to the fact that the climax was not going down. I opened my mouth, Betty rubbed her finger on my tongue. I shivered and licked.

He was right that it was different. I have tasted my semen and sperm many times before. I actually liked the taste of semen better, but having Betty make me lick my prostate fluid off her finger was something else. Kinky and hot.

– Ok, yes?

I nodded:

– It’s so good! my breathing peaked and my climax slowly subsided.

– Did you like it? Betty withdrew her fingers and gently massaged my testicles. Everything in the groin seemed awakened to a heightened level of sensitivity.

– Yes, God, yes.

– Good. Betty had this sly smile. Are you ready to cum now?

How? I was empty, wasn’t I? Seriously?

Betty kneaded my testicles.

– Yes, you can still ejaculate. Don’t you want to try?

Jesus. I thought he just orgasmed me to death?

Betty was slipping off the table.

– Let me get you a glass of water.