Private parties

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Vip Zone is suitable for any private parties.



The private parties are organized in our salon Vip Zone, located in the heart of Bucharest, near Cismigiu Park, in a villa with two floors and two outdoor terraces.

Our salon can accommodate a large number of participants at a private party in Bucharest. Our beautiful ladies are the perfect ingredient to heat an unforgettable party, no matter if it is a birthday party, a corporate party or simply celebrating an important event in your life.

With a special design for creating the proper environment for private parties, Vip Zone becomes the perfect frame of the successful event that you organize in our salon.

The mission of Vip Zone is the guarantee of your successful party! Quality time is the motto of Vip Zone, in order to describe the atmosphere found in our salon.

Our team has the vision and passionately participate in organizing major events in your life.

Those who steped into our salon, have witnessed many great stories, unique and memorable.

When you come to us for a private party, Vip Zone is the place that leads you into a dream world.

We strongly believe that in life it is very important  to party, at least as important as working.

Vip Zone is the meeting place where we celebrate each other. It is also the place where the nights become longer, music and evocative design being the scene where unfolds wonderful sequences from life.

During summer time we offer a gorgeous terrace, with a warm and friendly environment, at the upper floor of the villa, with a capacity of 40 people.

In the intimate atmosphere provided by our salon, you can relax watching the performance of our dancers, and if you feel passionate, there  is no problem, an erotic massage  session will make your erotic fantasies to take shape.

We add a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, prepared specially for you by our bartender ladies, party music and good vibes and here are the ingredients for a successful party.

We guarantee that during the entire time of your visit, the salon atmosphere will be hot and you will feel the challenge.

The location will be decorated according to the theme you choose with your our staff organizer.

What kind of private parties can find in our place?

Bachelor / bachelorette parties
Theme parties: Halloween party, Bond party, Venetian evenings, Wild West, Hawaii party, role-play party etc.
Corporate parties
Swing party
Launch and promotion events
Dinners and balls

To learn more about the types of private parties, we invite you to schedule a viewing or, in order to receive the personalized services offer, do not hesitate to contact us.



Vip Zone will help you organize an unforgettable party in one of the most luxurious locations in Bucharest, in the company of many beautiful girls.
High quality services at affordable prices.
Our parlor is the perfect ingredient to heat a crazy party, be it an anniversary, a birthday, a bachelor party or bachelorette party, a corporate party, a legal holiday or celebrating a significant event in your life.


The parties are held in the Vip Zone parlor, located in a luxurious villa in the heart of Bucharest, on 20th Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd.
We give the whole 250 sqm villa with 7 rooms or just a living room with a capacity of up to 60 people.
Quality time is the key word to describe the atmosphere found in our parlor.
You can enjoy in any day of the week, along with your group of friends, the privacy of your party, spent away from the bustle of the city and curious eyes.


We offer the opportunity to rent fully or partially our location (including DJ and bartender).
You can choose between several types of massage (single, double), private dances, striptease (offered by 40 professionals in the art of massage and eroticism ).
At all these events we can add, according to your wishes: cakes, catering, balloons, etc.
Also, you can order any food and drinks you want and we will purchase them and give them to you to the price of the manufacturer or wholesale warehouse.
Customers who want to organize parties in our salon are asked to notify us before the program they wish to take, so we can make our personalized offer for the entire evening.

In order for us to organize a successful party, where you will have everything you wish and for you to spend unforgettable moments in our parlor, you will need  to provide us the following information:

1. The total number of participants
2. Approximate budget ( for masseuses, food, drink, etc. )
3. Chosen masseuses ( stage name )
4. The order for food and drink ( quantity, products names if applicable )
5. The music playlist if you have certain preferences.

Also, please let us know in advance how you want to carry the party, if you have certain preferences.