Yoni massage for Renate

Yoni massage for Renate


Working for the massage parlor gave me a new life. At the age of 26 I was looking for something different, getting a bit stale working as a retail outlet manager. I have always taken pride in my appearance and working out at the gym regularly. I know I am very attractive to a woman; I have all the classic looks, I’m tall, my hair is black and my body is toned. I have that chiseled look that women value so much. Women often reinforce that “I look good and I know it” by telling me that. I work hard to keep fit and look fit.

After a training session I would sometimes go to a massage and get interested in massage techniques, studying the subject and practicing whenever the opportunity arose, and it did often.

I got a lot of female attention and a lot of offers. I was able to choose and take advantage of the good opportunities that came my way. Once I had built a good relationship with a woman, I would suggest that she let me give her an erotic massage. Erotic massages had become my specialty and would lead to fantastic sex. I was lucky enough to meet an old guru who knew all the techniques. We talked endlessly about technique and he was only too happy to impart all his knowledge to me.

– Everything is in the fingers, he said, Women love a person who knows how to use his fingers.

I am a selfless lover, and although I get enormous pleasure from having sex with a beautiful woman, it is she who gives me the most joy. I think there is no greater pleasure than when women have multiple orgasms with me – and they do. This is something else my old guru taught me.

– You must always please your woman so that she pleases you, not the other way around. Her body is as sacred as a temple, treat her like a goddess and she will give you double in return.

As a result of training at the gym, a chance to change careers arose when I was approached by one of the women who used the gym regularly and asked if I would like to work in a massage parlor. I thought why not?

At first it was just free time, the agency would call me and ask if I was available when they had a client and if I was available I would do it. I slowly built up a clientele of women asking about me specifically and very soon my ability to give a very good massage also became known. The agency had a website to advertise its masseuses, where clients could browse through the available masseuses and choose the one they wanted for themselves.

As my fame for giving a good massage grew, the agency asked if they could add it to my profile on their website. I agreed and negotiated an increased payment whenever a massage was involved.

The work started coming in faster and faster and I realized that I could easily quit my job as a retail manager and take up masseuse work full time. It was also much more profitable and much more enjoyable, with good tips from wealthier clients on top of my normal agency fee.

Many of the clients were business women, times have changed, more and more working women rather than just being happy being housewives and in the process carving out successful careers, they came from different parts of the world, but especially from Europe. Among my clients were single and married women.

I continued to work hard to perfect my massage techniques and my pièce de résistance became the Yoni massage. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, which is loosely translated as “sacred space” or “sacred temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. Expertly performed massage is the most relaxing experience for a woman and at the same time extremely therapeutic and erotic.

I must state at this stage that I am not performing a Yoni massage in a totally altruistic way as taught in Tantra. I am not a therapist more of an opportunist.

Women who ordered a massage over the phone were directed by a receptionist, and those who ordered a massage by email were given the option to leave a phone number so they could be contacted by the agency to verify the customer was genuine. They were always contacted by phone by a girl who was trained to get as much information as possible about the customer. Customers would often start telling their life stories. He would then prepare a brief for me and that gave me an advantage when meeting a client for the first time. I have always found this extremely helpful. That’s how I first met Renate Braun.

Renate was a German businesswoman and had been at a high-level business meeting, telling the agency operator that she had had a very busy few days, was feeling stressed and would like a massage at her hotel.

She was assured that the masseuse was very good, everything the agency did was very discreet and the appointment was set for seven o’clock that evening. I was given a summary of Renate and saw that much more information had been gathered about her. He was 32 years old and had his own import/export business. She was married to Dieter Braun, an economist who worked for the German government. Her travels took her all over Europe and she and her husband had an extremely busy life, they had no children. The clear impression gained was that she wanted a normal, simple massage with no sexual content.

I called her after reading the synopsis and introduced myself, telling her my name and that I would be at her hotel room around half past six if that was okay. I ask him for the room number he gave me. I suggested she take a shower before I came to help relax and open her pores in preparation for the massage and I also suggested she wear a bath towel large enough for modesty. She said she would and we ended the phone conversation.

I knew from the sound of her voice that this was going to be a typical business woman massage. Although I hadn’t seen it yet, I knew it would be very difficult to get past the basics. If she was anywhere near as wonderful as she looked, I would have done everything necessary to please her in every way.

I arrived at the hotel and went straight to her room, knocking on the door.

– Hi, who is it?

The voice was softly feminine.

I answered:

– Your masseuse, madam.

– Oh, just a moment, she said in what was now clearly a soft German accent and I heard the key turn in the lock and the door opened.

In front of me stood this absolutely gorgeous creature, red hair and a stunningly beautiful face.

She had a large bath towel wrapped around her, and as she turned to go into her room, I saw that under that towel was a fabulous figure. The towel was somewhat tucked into her breasts holding them up and reaching halfway down her very smooth thighs. Her ass moved tantalizingly inside the towel as she walked.

– I’m afraid there is no massage table, she said turning to look at me properly for the first time, is the bed ok?

I saw her looking me up and down and noticed that look I often get from women. I know that apart from my other qualities, my dark brown eyes often catch a woman’s attention. I knew that at least her first impression was good and encouraging to me.

– The bed is fine, I said, but there is somewhere I can get rid of these heavy clothes, a good massage can be hard work.

– Oh, of course, you can put them there, facing the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and undressed in a tight t-shirt that showed off my physique as it clung to my firm abs and breasts.

Under the pants, which I took off, I was wearing a pair of shorts, and under those, a G string.

I left my clothes in the bathroom and when I came out, I saw the expression on Renate’s face and her mouth fell slightly open.

– You look great, but is it really necessary? she asked.

– Absolutely, I replied with a smile, Like I said, massage is hard work if done right and I take pride in my work, I’ll probably sweat quite a bit.

– Okay, okay, it’s okay, she said.

– Maybe you’d like to stay on the bed while I arrange things, I suggested.

She sat on the edge of the bed, legs dangling over the side, watching me as I took some candles out of my bag and placed them strategically around the room. Then I pulled out a cassette player and put in a Shostakovich DVD ready to play. The music is great to help relax clients and would be played enough times to cover the length of the massage, however long it was.

Shostakovich is also great if things were going further.

Then I took some oils from the briefcase and placed them on the bedside table.

As we went through the preparation we indulged in small talk before I turned to her with a smile and asked her if she was ready for the massage.

– I should tell you that I’ve never had a massage before and I’m only doing it now because a friend suggested it might be a good idea if I’m feeling really stressed, she informed me. I want to make it clear that I want a direct massage and please stay strictly within my limits.

– I am a professional, ma’am, and I will conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or want the massage to stop, say so. Are you feeling really stressed now? I asked.

– Well, after the events of the last few days, yes, I am very stressed.

– Well, that’s why I’m here and my job is to completely de-stress you, I said. Now it is important for you to become as relaxed as possible.

I asked her to lie face down on the bed with her elbows bent outwards and her hands and palms facing down under her forehead. This placed his elbows at right angles to his neck.

“I’m going to have to lower the towel to massage your back,” I said as I took the towel from under her and folded it so that it was right above her bottom, exposing her entire back, which she looked absolutely fabulous down to the brown mole under her left shoulder blade. As she laid on her breasts, I noticed they were pushing into the sides of her body as her weight was placed on them. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

I sat on my right side, putting some oil on my hands and rubbing it on her back, spreading it quite liberally, then bending over her, I started with her neck, placing my hands over it with my fingers big in the middle and fingers lightly wrapped around her I slowly massaged her neck. She rolled her head helping to release the tension and I heard a small crack at the top of her spine as the pent up tension was released. Slowly, I felt the tense muscles of her neck gradually soften and become more relaxed at my touch.

“It’s wonderful, you’re getting so relaxed now, just let all the tension go,” I said softly, deepening my voice a decibel or two to bring out the soothing texture.

Moving my hands along her shoulders and up to the end of her elbows and back again, kneading the back of her neck ever so slightly, my fingers trailing down until they were between her shoulder blades before coming back up to elbows again feeling all the stress of her day slowly disappearing.

– How does it feel, I asked, is it pleasant?

– Mmmm, wonderful, she replied. You really have magical hands.

Reaching both hands over her back I pushed the flesh away from me to the left side and pulled her back again, I knew this would send wonderful sensations through her body and I could see her skin getting hen, which confirmed this for me. I worked on this side of her back for a while before moving to the left side and working on her back from the opposite direction, doing exactly the same for the right side as for the left.

Moving to the end of the bed and putting some oil on my hands, I started working on her toes and soles.

– Oh, it feels fantastic, she sighed. It’s really great.

– And so it should be, but the best part is yet to come, I assured her. Now just close your eyes and relax completely.

Bending her knee so her leg was pointing up, I moved to her calf, massaging the back muscle from her ankle to the back of her knee and back, wrapping my hands around her leg, massaging it a little more firmly forward of coming back down to her calf with both hands wrapped around her and my fingers going up the center of the muscle. After six or seven such movements I used my hands to roll her calf muscle from side to side to make sure it was flexible and relaxed before doing the same to her left leg and left calf. I could feel Renate relaxing more and more all the time.

– You should feel very relaxed now, very calm and at peace, I whispered to reinforce her feelings of relaxation.

– Mmmmm, she sighed. It is very pleasant.

Climbing on top of her, hovering just above her ankles, I started working on the back of her thighs which were tightly closed, I put my hands around her right thigh and started massaging her, stretching from her knees to to the towel on her bottom. I let my fingers touch the towel very lightly before pulling back up my thigh to my knees and then back again. I knew she could feel the slightest touch of my groin sliding along her heels as I rocked back and forth with each movement along her thigh and when I reached my fingers they just ran gently under towel each time, until my fingers disappeared a good inch under the towel before withdrawing again. Renate made no objection.

– If you find this inconvenient in any way, please let me know and I’ll adjust what I’m doing, I assured her.

– Don’t worry, I will, she assured herself almost in a whisper, but with a firmness that showed she had her limits.

Her breathing became much more relaxed as the tension seemed to leave her body.

Moving to her left thigh I repeat the process feeling her thigh relax in my hands as I massage the soft smooth flesh until it becomes soft in my hands as she relaxes more and more .

– Good Renate, you are relaxing nicely now, I said reassuringly, instilling more of the feeling of floating in a relaxed state.

I was using my voice as my old guru had taught me, deepening it to a nice resonant quality to relax her mind with seductive tones. “Massage her mind as well as her body.” Said the old master with a devilish look on his face.

As I worked on her left thigh, I gently, subtly allowed my genitals to touch her heels, but not too much, but I knew she could feel my bulge occasionally pressing against her, and again she didn’t complain.

– So far so good, I said in a low voice, I’m sure she thought I was referring to the massage, but I was also happy with my progress in every way.

I could feel her body responding to my touch, those little almost imperceptible nuances I had come to detect slowly developing. I was really thinking at this stage that I might have a chance for more as long as I didn’t rush and use my erotic massage skills to seduce my sweet, petite, German client.

As I looked at her body below me, her long red hair flowing to the side on the pillow under her head, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was. I knew that I had massaged some very beautiful women in my time, but Renate was more than beautiful, she was exquisite in every detail.

Moving to sit on her calves, I began massaging her back, placing both hands on either side of her spine with my thumbs together in the middle meeting her spine.

Then using long strokes up her back until I reached her neck before lifting my hands clear and replacing them just above the towel, the top of which was just above her bottom and then doing the same again , I felt more and more tension melting away.

With each forward stroke, my lower abdomen rubbed against her buttocks, very lightly at first, but with increasing levels of heel-to-heel contact with my backward strokes. If he was going to complain now was the time, but he didn’t. To confirm this, I asked her if she was comfortable and enjoying the massage.

– I’ll stop if you’re not enjoying it, I told her this to keep her safe that she was finally in control, but of course the control was slowly slipping from her to me.

– No, no, please, it’s very nice and relaxing, she replied.

Regular massage was gradually moving into erotic massage territory, and as long as I didn’t rush things and continued with my soft, gentle approach, I felt like I was about to take Renate, but it would take time and patience. I wanted to remove the business persona that had become her usual everyday demeanor and bring out her naturally subdued rich femininity.

Each time I pushed forward, the towel moved a little higher on her thighs. I moved to the left side to start working on her thighs again and noticed the towel moved to reveal her bottom and the cute pink thong she was wearing. I placed my hands on her right thigh, stretching them over the muscles and rolling them out and back, continuing this movement to exercise her thigh muscles and keep them relaxed. Moving up the back of her I thigh and still a bit under the towel.

– Just relax, let all the tension go, just float in a peaceful feeling of relaxation, I was saying as the massage progressed. It’s beautiful, now you feel wonderful and very relaxed, you go deeper and deeper into this wonderful relaxation as I massage you.

As my soothing massage continued, my hands reached the very top of Renate’s thighs and parted them just a little, giving me a brief glimpse between her legs to the thong bag wrapped around her small pussy. I didn’t know if he knew I could see that or not. Moving to the left side, I repeated the process for her right thigh and seeing her legs parted a little more, I let my fingers come up to accidentally and momentarily touch her pussy lips through the thong for the first time. I noticed as I was doing this that my finger caught some pussy juice before my hands moved up her thigh again to the back of her knee. I looked back at her lying face down on the bed and couldn’t help the devilish smile that invaded my face and the evil thoughts that crossed my mind.

“Okay, I have to turn you over so I can massage the front of your thighs,” I said picking up the towel and adjusting it over her thighs again and waiting for her to return to its original position and return.

She turned back with the towel now covering her breasts. Now her beautiful body was stretched out in front of me and I continued to massage the tops of her thighs equally.

– It feels good? I asked softly.

– Wonderful, she replied. Absolutely beautiful.

– Just relax and let the feeling of calm take over your body, I whispered again.

– Do you mind if I take my shirt off, I asked. It’s getting a little warm.

– No, not at all, she said.

Standing and looking down at her, I removed my t-shirt and climbed onto her legs and placed my hands on her thighs, pressing and pushing them up, my fingers reaching along the tip with his thumbs inside her thighs. As I rocked back and forth, my pussy rubbed against her calves and I felt her move her legs as she stared at my bare torso.

With each upward stroke, I let my thumbs part her thighs just enough to let me see her lovely pussy juices glistening through the thong. Her soft moans told me she was getting extremely excited.

I couldn’t help feeling satisfied that I was a master at my craft, and everything that happened confirmed that. Things were going well, I knew it.

The next time my hands moved to the tops of her thighs, I moved my index fingers to touch the hood of her clit through the thong, lightly touching her pussy lips before moving down and along her thighs again. My knees were preventing her thighs from opening more and I could feel the pressure on my knees as she tried to open her thighs a little more. Also, when my fingers reached the top of her thighs again, she lifted her buttocks ever so slightly to meet my fingers as they opened her thighs again just a little more and revealed the wet pouch of her belt. This time, I heard a distinct moan as she exhaled and her eyes were closed and there was an expression of unmistakable ecstasy on her face.

I knew now that I had it where I wanted it and it was time to get even bolder.

– Have you ever had a breast massage? I asked matter-of-factly, hoping not to alarm her.

– Never, why? she said.

– Well, it can be extremely de-stressing and very beneficial, I assured her, keeping my voice professional.

– Seriously? she said looking into my eyes.

I know my eyes are one of my strengths and I smiled fondly at her, looking deep into her soul, I’m going to drill your pussy, I thought and tried to convey the thought as it crossed my mind.

– Oh, no, not really… her voice trailed off as I slipped the towel over her breasts. Her nipples were firm and erect as I suspected they would be by now, I noticed that her eyes were very bright as they slowly closed and her mouth, with its beautifully shaped lips, was opened to make way for a exotic intake of air as my hands cupped and lifted her breasts.

I moved higher and sat on her thighs, but carrying my weight mainly on my knees, placing my hands on her stomach. Pushing my hands up her abdomen, I slid forward until my pussy made contact with her Venus mound and my hands reached and lifted her breasts. I intensified these sliding movements along her body, moving all the time along her thighs and at the end of each movement pressing her pussy firmly with my pussy and letting my hands press between her breasts.

After massaging her abdomen and breasts thoroughly, I moved up, placing them on her hips, and with both hands began massaging her breasts again, pulling them towards me and watching the nipples become hard . Her head was rolling from side to side, her breathing had become shallower and her moans were deeper and throatier with the ecstasy I was inducing. As I brought my hands to the center of her breasts, I lifted her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, causing them to become more erect and her breathing to become a little more erratic. All the while I was using my thigh muscles to lift and lower, and I gently rocked my groin back and forth in an exotic, simulated slow rotation motion.

– Oh my God, she was saying as I moved the towel to the sides of her body.

Now all that covered her was her little pink thong. Her hands gripped the outside of my thighs firmly, helping to pull me back and forward. Moving to the side of the bed again, I removed my shorts. I reposition myself on my knees over her protruding mound and as I slowly descend, she lifts her vulva towards me.

Now I could clearly see the ecstasy on his face. My hands had returned to massaging her breasts, lifting them from underneath and gently stroking the soft, rounded flesh with my thumbs as they slid all the way down to cup each nipple between my thumb and forefinger, adjusting and rolling them in a perfectly erect state.

As I intensified these movements, I heard Renate whimper beneath me, and I thought it was the right time to get rid of that thong.

– Do you want a Yoni massage? I asked her very seductively looking deep into her eyes

– Oh God, yes, whatever, please, yes, do what you want.

I could see that I had brought her into a trance-like state from which she could more easily enter a state of high arousal and experience great pleasure from her Yoni.

My goal now was simply to please her and massage her Yoni drawing out more orgasms that, as they came, should be more extended, more intense, and more satisfying than she had ever experienced. It is also important for me not to expect anything in return at this stage, but simply to allow her to enjoy the massage and relax into herself.

I put pillows under his head so he can look at the Yoni and see what I’m doing. I place a pillow, covered with the towel, under her hips. If I understand correctly, it will splash through the thong and all over the towel. I spread her legs apart with her knees slightly bent and put pillows under her cute ass.

With my fingers I gently massage his forehead whispering:

– I want you to go deeper and deeper into relaxation as I prepare to give you a Yoni massage. Just relax completely and close your eyes and listen to my voice.

Touching her face I could check her relaxation and I knew she had fallen into a wonderful sense of calm, but her nipples remained erect and sharp.

Having her calm and relaxed should allow me full access to her Yoni and other parts of her body. I gently massaged her legs, stomach, thighs and breasts again to encourage her to relax further and prepare her for touching the Yoni. I poured a small amount of high quality oil on my hand, rubbing it to warm it.

Gently massaging her abdomen, I let my fingers move so that my nails pass just below her belt pouch and for the first time touch some pubic hair.

– It’s nice? I’m asking.

– Oh, it’s wonderful, wonderful.

Again, making sure my voice is deep, husky and level.

– You are a good girl. You are very well behaved, relax and let it happen.

The dominant business woman was no more. The woman now surrendering to me was totally submissive and very feminine. Any resistance he might try to mount had completely dissolved.

Still massaging her abdomen, I let my fingers slide a little further under her belt until my middle finger touched the top of her pussy slit and I heard a sharp, sharp gasp.

– Are you okay, do you want me to stop?

– Stop? Oh no please, it felt so relaxing.

My fingers slid down along each side of her sweet Yoni before gently closing them together, squeezing her pussy lips together. With my palm firmly on her Venus mound, I ran my index finger down the slit of her soaked pussy, then again using both fingers I probed her inner labia, stretching them out as her small clit cute seemed to jump on my fingers.

– Just open your legs a little wider Renate, I said needing more space for my toes to properly grip the Yoni.

– Ohhhhh, was all I heard as her legs opened wider and her smooth, round knees extended outwards.

Taking care not to rush, I told her to relax and enjoy what should be the best massage she would ever have.

I then pinched the outer lips of the Yoni between my thumb and forefinger and slid up and down the length of each lip. I did the same with the inner lips of her vagina, still taking my time. As I did this I made as much eye contact as possible and I could see her glowing eyes slowly roll with the wonderful sensations she was feeling.

– Oh, a little faster, not too much, she moaned still looking into my eyes as I focused on what my fingers were doing to her adorable little Yoni, increasing her pleasure bit by bit.

With my fingers I find her jewel, her lovely clit, using clockwise and counterclockwise circles, gently squeezing it between my thumb and forefinger to ensure a full massage of her entire pussy. The sweet noises coming out of her mouth as she licked her lips told me that she was more than extremely turned on and I continued to speak softly while looking into her eyes saying,

– Relax, spread your legs a little wider now and let me massage your little yoni Renate, you’re a good girl.

Slowly and carefully, as her thighs parted further for me, I inserted the middle finger of my right hand into her pussy and very gently explored and massaged the inside of her womanhood. Slowly but very gently I felt up, down and sideways again, varying the depth, speed and pressure all the while feeding and relaxing the beautiful little Yoni that was opening to my touch, I continued to I massage the clitoris with my thumb. I had access to her most sacred place and wanted to treat it with total respect and soon I saw her clit hood start to twitch.

Turning my palm up and my middle finger inside her pussy, I moved it in a crooked ‘come hither’ gesture back towards my palm. I was able to contact a spongy area of ​​tissue just below the pubic bone behind the clitoris, I know this place so well and what it will do to her. Having found this sacred place, I notice that her eyes are now closed and there is a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

Looking down I watched my fingers vigorously at work and placing a hand under her knee I spread her thighs as far as I could and pulling my fingers back I grabbed her pussy lips and squeezed them forward a bit of inserting my finger again and re-locating her G-spot and again hooking my finger and massaging her G-spot thoroughly as her body squirmed and ran away from my finger. All the while I could see my hand at work with her thong pulled down and her gorgeous pussy pumping my fingers.

Varying the pressure, speed and movement pattern made her squeal in delight. Now I was moving from side to side, back and forth and in circles with my middle finger, then I would insert my index finger and she easily took them both enjoying the increased stimulation from two fingers. I saw her body begin to convulse and her pussy lips swell and redden, then a sudden palpitation inside her, Yoni tells me she is having an orgasm.

– It’s wonderful, let it go, let everything go, you have an orgasm for me. Let go of all the stress, mmmmm you’re a good girl.

– Christ, oh Jesus Christ, damn…damn… Ahhhhhhhhh

– Great, you’re a good girl, come on, come on, release your pussy.

As I said this, my fingers were drenched in a wonderful flow of juices from deep within her pussy and then I felt them coming out into my palm.

Kissing her lightly, I rubbed her pussy with my palm, spreading my juice all around her soft Yoni in a caressingly cute way, slowly taking my time until her Yoni was again ready.

Once again I inserted my fingers and found her G-spot slowly giving her another deep, deep Yoni massage, all the while feeling the changes and listening to the noises that told me she was about to have another orgasm. As her body responds and moves back into an orgasmic trance, I bring her to the point of orgasm all the while telling her how wonderful her pretty pussy feels.

Before leaving, I gave him my email address in case he comes to Bucharest again. I didn’t refuse the tip he gave before I left.

I am so pleased that she is now a pretty loyal customer of mine. Strangely, she always begins by saying:

– I just want a straight and simple professional massage, but we get more every time.