The massage therapist – part 1

 The massage therapist – part 1


Amber was excited to get back to work. It had been a long time since he had been in the studio. She was looking forward to getting back into a routine. Paul had been great during quarantine, but she liked having her own source of income. He had to use the money he was putting aside for a new vehicle. She was happy that she would be able to start saving again. Her friends had been great during the time the studio was forced to close. They paid her cash for her massages.

Unlocking the door felt like coming home. She was the first one there. She knew that other therapists would be arriving soon. The air felt closed, but not too bad. They all took turns going down to the studio to dust it off and make sure it didn’t get too stale.

Amber was happy to see that she had a busy day. She knew she would be tired at the end of the day, but it would be better to be tired from work than watching Netflix all day. The day passed like lightning. She quickly returned to her old habits and was happy to see customers come through the door.

On the third day back, Jenny walked into Amber’s room. She complained that her back hurt. Amber noticed that Jenny had made an appointment for an hour and a half. This gave him enough time to work out the knots. Amber left the room to let Jenny undress and get under the sheets on the massage table. Returning to the room, Jenny was lying on her stomach with the sheet on her back. Amber was happy that Jenny took off her bra, most women did, it was much easier to massage her back without the bra getting in the way.

With a generous amount of massage oil on her hand, Amber began working on Jenny’s back. He could feel the knots traveling up to his buttocks.

– Is it okay if I massage your buttocks? Amber asked.

-No problem, replied Jenny.

She moved the sheet, noticing that Jenny had also removed her panties. Amber loved tucking the sheet into her panties, but having full access was also beneficial. He worked the knots on the right buttock. She could hear Jenny taking a deep breath as Amber worked her way through a stubborn knot. Jenny moved and in doing so moved her left leg a little as it caused her pussy to be exposed.

Amber gently moved the sheet to cover Jenny. When he finished the right side, he moved to the left glutes. She moved the sheet and saw Jenny’s pussy again. Amber couldn’t help but notice Jenny’s full lips and lack of pubic hair. She covered Jenny again but again Jenny moved revealing her pussy. Amber continued to work on Jenny’s bottom. Once she worked herself away, she asked Jenny to come back so Amber could work on her quads.

Holding the sheet up, he heard Jenny turn. Amber placed the sheet over Jenny’s body. The thin sheet did nothing to hide Jenny’s body. Amber could see Jenny’s hard nipples through the sheet. Amber could also see Jenny’s pubic mound outlined under the thin sheet. Amber took her eyes from Jenny’s mound and discovered a thigh. He started working on his quad. There were a lot of knots so he concentrated on what he had to do. When the right quad felt better, she moved to the left quad. This one was even tighter. As he worked, the sheet kept slipping. Amber could see a small part of Jenny’s mound.

Suddenly the sheet disappeared, Jenny said:

– I’m sorry I’m so hot. I hope you do not mind.

Amber replied:

– No, as long as you are comfortable.

“Thanks, I have to admit, although it hurts, your touch is amazing,” Jenny said.

Amber looked at Jenny’s pussy.

– Thank you.

Amber continued to rub higher and higher on Jenny’s quad. Her fingers were now less than an inch from Jenny’s pussy. As Amber worked on Jenny’s left quad, Jenny bent her right knee out, giving Amber a better look at her pussy. Jenny cleared her throat.

– I’m sure you hear this all the time, but is there any chance I could get a more intimate massage?

Amber noticed that Jenny was wet, so she found herself getting wet too. He had never crossed that line with a client before, but he wanted to touch Jenny’s pussy.

– If I do that, it stays between us. “That’s not something that happens at this studio,” Amber said looking lustfully at Jenny.

Jenny looked up at Amber.

– Of course, and I’d give you a cash tip too.

Amber knew her massage oil was safe for both external and internal use. He poured some more on his hand and moved his left hand over Jenny’s mound. He placed his right hand on Jenny’s left breast. She caressed Jenny’s breast as she moved her hand further down Jenny’s slit. Jenny spread her legs, giving Amber better access. Amber’s finger slides between the lips of Jenny’s pussy. Jenny moaned as Amber found Jenny’s clit. Jenny must have been really excited because she started ejaculating shortly after Amber started touching her clit.

Amber pinched Jenny’s nipple as she ejaculated quietly. She could feel the table shaking as shivers of pleasure coursed through Jenny. Amber continued to touch Jenny’s clit until she stopped juicing. She slowly removed her hand from Jenny’s pussy.

– Thanks, Jenny moaned.

“You’re welcome and don’t forget this is our little secret,” said Amber.

She felt a little guilty, but she was also very excited. She was glad she had a break before her next customer came. He washed his hands before covering Jenny with the sheet and said,

– I’ll go out to let you get dressed.

She waited anxiously for Jenny to leave the room. When she did, Jenny had a big smile on her face. Amber used Jenny’s debit card to pay for the massage session. She looked up and Jenny was holding her hand palm down. Amber reached out and felt money being handed to her. When he looked, it was a $100 bill.

– Thanks, Amber said with a smile.

– Thank you! Jenny said.

Amber rushed back to her massage room and closed the door. She pulled her yoga pants down to her knees and sat down on one of the chairs. He started playing with the pussy. She hadn’t touched another pussy but hers since college. He orgasmed very quickly. She wasn’t sure if she was coming faster than Jenny, but she had to be close.

The rest of the day was as usual. He thought about Jenny a few times and found himself getting wet again.