Swing parties

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Swing is an alternative lifestyle for all people who have a libertine personality and are thirsty for knowledge of all that is new. We have our own premises, services that excel in the market, an exclusive lounge that is open to the public and maintains its services at the highest standards.

Within our erotic massage services Bucharest we offer erotical massage services with completion achieved through erotic massage techniques.

The decor and cleanliness of a massage parlor are very important, staff and masseuses are friendly and willing to help in anyway possible to fulfill all your desires and fantasies, as far as the required things are legal. Our masseuses offers impeccable swing services to heterosexual couples, single ladies and gentlemen that are alone. We have a variety of themes and parties throughout the year. In our erotic massage salon you will enjoy a unique experience with ladies that are professional in the art of massage and have knowledge of body language, so you will be pleasantly surprised by the attention and affection of our masseuses.

Couples who come for the first time, can let themselves on the hands of our experienced masseuses, eager to guide you to the land of dreams, fantasy and eroticism. You just have to relax and to talk about the erotic fantasies that you and your partner want to experience and we are sure you will return.

Our ladies will show you the tantra known techniques. Swinging is a form of social connection for adults recreation, most commonly consisting of men / couples who want to resurrect the bliss and harmony of life couples, discovering new limits, try spicy erotic adventures, to unleash the imagination, to partake of moments and pleasures of this life. Swinging is the method by which most people give up inhibitions and wall of prejudice, a ‘rebellion’ against the repressive attitudes of society towards the patterns required for life couple.

By swinging, sex life will improve considerably and will become more harmonious, you will get rid of curiosity that leads to infidelity.

People learn a lot about themselves and about hidden aspects of their natural, latent sexuality, will learn to relax, to discover their body and limits, will discover that we do not make differences between people, we respect and take seriously any secret desire that you can not accomplish in everyday life.

Through swing, you can climb to new heights of ecstasy, never get bored, because limits and inhibitions have no place in our salon, alongside our ladies. We take seriously your every desire and offer the comfort and privacy that you need to make your experience more enjoyable in our salon. For the ultimate ice-breaker or for pure relaxation we recently installed a brand new jacuzzi.

With lots of jets and variable power, you can choose from a gentle tickling to an orgasmic massage. Once you get to us, be yourself and do not pretend to be someone else. Being friendly, gentle, you will be surrounded by a warm aura that has a positive effect on your body.

Let inhibitions at home, both physical and social, is a must so you can enjoy the everyday scene. If you know your needs, interests and desires, let yourself on the hands of our ladies who know what must be done to be able to make your pleasure and to give you exactly what you want!

In our erotic massage salon, our masseuses can offer you moments of ecstasy with completion thru special techniques of erotic massage ( using clavicle, using breasts, abdomen, buttocks, legs and, why not,  using their hands) .

Your partners can learn from our masseuses the art of erotism so you can spice up your relationship at home with observed and tested techniques in our erotic massage salon. It happens often during a week for more couples to gather to a swing party, so our masseuses will provide prelude, your partners will be leading you on the heights of pleasures.

We always continue to find new ideas, exciting ones, for all of our clients to be happy and find the serenity and sensuality they need. So if you wish to meet other couples for swing party in Bucharest, we invite you in our erotic massage salon, participate at our parties or simply come with a partner to try new experiences.

We guarantee for hygiene, environment, confidentiality and professionalism of our staff. We mention that our girls do not offer sexual services, so any fantasy is possible within the limits of legality, less intimate contact.

If a masseuse say NO to a certain erotic hypostasis, please respect her response and desire and not insist on other services in addition to those included in our services, in fact places where swing couples gather are places where everything is possible but nothing is mandatory. In case we convinced you, you’re welcome to visit us at our salon located on Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd, No.20.

The location is a luxurious villa, built in Scandinavian style, with minimalist decor. Surely you will be safe from prying eyes.