Sensory deprivation massage

Sensory deprivation massage


– So, said Sally, we have a very special new massage. Do you want to try?

– What is it? I asked. I was definitely interested in whatever she would describe as “very special”.

Sally handed me a piece of paper with ‘Sensory Deprivation Massage’ printed on it. I understand why she didn’t want to say it out loud, Sally has trouble pronouncing some bigger words. I’m not picking on her for that, she’s much better at my language than I would be at hers.

I don’t actually know where Sally is from, but she is a lovely young lady who is usually behind the reception desk at a small massage parlor that I go to every two or three weeks. I wondered what else I could do to get a “special” massage.

Like most of these salons the staff is all female but unlike most they combine my two favorite things in one massage. They give a very good massage and offer “extra services”.

“Additional service” can be anything from a thirty dollar “happy ending” handjob to a sixty dollar “full service”. I’ve gone for the full service option twice in my last three visits, and depending on who was available, I was considering doing it again this time. All the girls I had seen working there were good looking, but some were very hot.

OK, I’d better explain a little about myself. For the purpose of this story, my name will be Dave and I am twenty-four years old. I am a busy professional who is fit, tall and when I try, I have no problem finding girls to share my bed with.

So why pay for sex at a massage parlor when I can have it outside for free?

Two reasons actually. The first is that I am a busy professional. I work sixty to seventy hours a week trying to establish myself in my chosen career, and the girlfriends I’ve had in the past want a guy who spends a lot more time with them than I have at mood. Unfortunately, I’m often too exhausted after a busy day at work to get through meetings, shows, dinner, etc. of a relationship.

The second reason is Giselle. Giselle was my last girlfriend, and my relationship with her was a month of preparation, six weeks of amazing sex, and then seven months of dreading her various insecurities. Sorry, I really don’t want to go into detail here, suffice it to say I’m not looking for another relationship while that painful ordeal is still fresh in my mind.

– What is “Sensory Deprivation Massage”? I asked.

– You don’t see, you don’t hear, you don’t smell, you don’t really touch, you just feel. Very good, said Sally.

It sounded really weird, but I’ve learned to trust this place, so I thought I should give it a try. I smiled.

– How much, I asked, reaching for my wallet.

– It’s up to you, said Sally, special for an hour, a lady, a hundred, or extra special altogether a hundred and sixty. Two ladies double, four ladies triple. Four very, very good ladies.

I had previously experienced a “four hands” happy ending massage with two ladies there and that was very good, so the thought of “eight hands” was intriguing. Money wasn’t a problem, I was making it faster than I could spend it, so I decided to go bankrupt.

– Four ladies, all in all, I said, pulling out five hundred dollar bills from my wallet. Many times I would have spent that much on dinner and a show in the past, with no guarantee of a “result” for the evening anyway.

Sally smiled, took my money and gave me the rest.

– Come with me, she said and led me to a massage room at the back of the store that I hadn’t seen before.

The arrangement was unusual in that at the head of a wide massage table was a box, split in half. There were a series of cables and tubes leading to it. The table had the usual sheet over it, but it had a big hole in it and under the hole in the groin was a towel. There were also short shackles on the corners of the table, obviously for my arms and legs. I looked at them agitated.

– Don’t worry, it’s very good, Sally assured me when she saw me hesitate. First, take off all your clothes and put your wallet in here, she said, showing me a bag inside the box that closed with velcro, then put your head in here, she explained, pointing to the bottom of the box that had a padded head hole in it at table height. Then put the box back over, she continued, showing me how the halves went together and closed. The top had a pillow to support my head when I turned, which I thought was clever.

– When you’re ready ring three times and the ladies come in, Sally explained, showing me a small bicycle bell on the side of the table. Whenever you want the bell to stop ringing three times. The lady knocks down three times then it’s time to go back. They help turn the box, OK?

– Um… OK, I guess… I said.

– Okay, said Sally, the ladies knock three times then massage.

And with that he left the room.

I got ready as she said, putting my valuables in my bag, undressing and then lying face down on the table and putting my head in the box. When I put the top of the surprisingly light box on, a small fan came on, providing fresh air, and some relaxing music started playing inside the box. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see or hear anything outside the box. The box was very comfortable and my neck was straight, like I was lying on a normal massage table. I nervously put the two halves of the box together and fumbled around for the bell. I tried calling three times, but of course I couldn’t hear anything, so I thought I’d wait a bit and try again if nothing happened.

When I felt the hand touching my back, I jumped in surprise, then relaxed. Then two hands grabbed each of my wrists and ankles and the handcuffs were fastened.

Then it started. The massage actually started with four simultaneous hand and foot massages and I immediately understood why a massage from four ladies at once could be much better than one or two.

I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t touch much, I couldn’t feel anything, but I felt everything all at once. The headbox was tight but not uncomfortable, and the fresh air seemed to reduce any feeling of being closed in or stuck. I closed my eyes and let myself go.

The ladies were extremely well coordinated. The massage of my hands and feet was blissful and seemed to last forever. It was very gentle at first, then slowly developed into a very firm pressure point massage, then softened again. After a while, and all at the same time, the ladies started climbing my limbs, using warm oil. They did my ankles and wrists (around the narrow cuffs), my calves and forearms, then my arms and legs. As with my hands and feet, the massage on each area started gently and became firmer and firmer, eventually reaching soft again before moving on to the next area.

I have my eyes closed most of the time during a massage anyway, so I didn’t miss the view, but I did notice the lack of sound. I couldn’t hear the splash of oil from the bottle, the sounds of the massaging motion or the ladies breathing, and that was really disconcerting to begin with. I also had fresh air so I didn’t smell the oil and massage room smells which was quite strange.

After a while, the upper and lower parts of the massage split. My arms were done while the ladies doing my legs were still working on my thighs and the two ladies who had been working on my arms started massaging my bottom, one on each side. This got interesting when they coordinated their movements so that they both pushed towards each other in one shot and then shot back in the next. As they pulled my buttocks apart, I could feel one of them blowing up my crack and over my ass. It felt amazing and my previously flaccid penis immediately firmed up, which was quite uncomfortable when I was lying on it.

The ladies doing my feet started rubbing my inner thighs and touching my testicles which just made it worse and I squirmed a bit to try and accommodate my erection. Because I couldn’t see or hear anything, I wasn’t embarrassed, I was just looking for relief.

The two ladies were still working on my ass, but suddenly, I felt only one doing my legs. I’m not sure how long it took me to notice because almost immediately I felt the table under my groin disappear and as she removed the towel my fully erect cock suddenly dangled beneath the table. The relief was immense and I moaned in pleasure, even though the ladies probably didn’t hear me.

Then things really heated up. I felt the two ladies parting my bottom again, but this time instead of gently blowing, I felt the third lady’s finger lightly rubbing over my ass. At that very moment, a warm mouth swallowed my throbbing cock and I was in heaven.

From there I had one lady give me a blowjob under the table while the other three played with my inner thighs, ass, testicles and all the sensitive areas in between.

I could feel the orgasm building, but I didn’t want to ejaculate too quickly and tried to delay it. The ladies must have had the same idea because they stopped what they were doing and I felt their hands slide over my body. I felt like they were spinning, then I realized they had taken new positions and a new mouth wrapped around my cock and the hands started again.

I have no idea how long this went on, but they took two more turns so that all four had a turn sucking my cock while the other three stimulated me.

When I realized I was going to cum I knocked on the table to let them know and the lady who was sucking me at the time swallowed my cock as deep as she could and I shot stream after stream of cum straight into her her neck. I felt so good I almost passed out.

As I slowly came down from my sexual high, the butt and leg massage continued. My penis was cleaned well and then the mass part was slowly pushed back up. I was vaguely concerned that the “extra” part of the massage was over, but I didn’t really think that was the case. Maybe they were just clearing the backlog to make sure I’d last longer next time? We hope so anyway.

The massage went back to being very professional and for a long time the four ladies gave a sensational deep tissue massage on the buttocks, back and shoulders.

Because I was so relaxed it just washed over me and I stopped trying to identify each lady’s moves and just enjoyed the experience all over. It was incredible.

I was dozing off when the turn signal was given and I think I may have missed it at first because I had a vague memory of being spanked when it happened again. I moved my arms and legs to see that the shackles had been released and then turned around, the headbox being turned with me, and sat back on the built-in cushion while the shackles were reattached. The box was very well designed, because even though my head moved a little when it rested on the side of the pillow, there was still no light coming through. I could tell something had changed with the leg shackles too, when I was on my front my legs had been quite far apart but now when I was on my back my legs were much closer together.

Then it all started again, but this time it was long gentle strokes going from my shoulder to my left leg and my leg to my right shoulder. After this sensation, the ladies were walking around the table and running their fingers along my body. Again, there were so many sensations that it became a blur and I surrendered to the feelings. Soon they started making additional moves as they continued, sliding a hand over my ribs and chest or up the inside of my leg.

Slowly, my cock began to respond again.

Finally the ladies stopped moving and again started making stronger strokes, two on my legs and the others on my chest and stomach. The firm massage went on for a while and then got lighter and lighter until the ladies were just using light finger movements.

Then they all slowly traced a line along my skin to my groin and I jumped again as the first hand there gently encircled my semi-erect cock and moved to the tip. Before I knew what was happening, the second hand was doing the same, then the third, and then the fourth. By the time it was over, the first lady had taken another shot from her starting point, and without a lag, it was all over again.

With their hands continuously going on my cock, it only took a few moments before I was back to full hardness and they continued to rub their hands on my cock for a short while.

The next thing I felt was multiple contacts elsewhere on my skin and I realized that all the ladies were rubbing their bare breasts against my skin and rubbing my cock and my mind was suddenly spinning with the erotic images that my imagination produced them. This was a really intense experience.

Then the fingertip movements changed to tongue movements as each lady traced her way to, and up, my cock with her tongue and lips, and shortly after that they began what I would she could only call it a feeding frenzy where she felt all four of them licking and nibbling my cock at once. Moments earlier I had thought my cock was completely hard, but this made him find something more.

After a while of this treatment, the actions changed again, and the ladies went back to sweeping movements with their hands, sometimes ending at my penis, where they would grab it by the base and move it around a bit. Sometimes they would gently grab my testicles and sometimes they would run their hands up and down my cock. Often these things happened all at once.

My nerves were being stimulated so much that my brain was on overload. It took me a while to realize that one of the girls was sucking my cock again, and then it took me even longer to realize that it wasn’t a mouth around my cock, but a pussy. How could I not have noticed it happening?

I briefly wondered about a condom, but knew this place was very strict about its safe-sex-only message. They did blowjob without a partner, but a condom always had to be put on for sex. I just couldn’t tell when it was put on me, I just hadn’t noticed.

The girl pulling it must have been very strong and flexible. I didn’t feel her getting on me at all, I didn’t feel her legs or hands either, it was just this pussy sliding up and down my cock. She was only going halfway and I wasn’t feeling any pubic hair or other contact. It was just this disembodied pussy stroking up and down my cock.

Was awesome.

Meanwhile, the other girls were still caressing my body and playing with my testicles and gently rubbing my ass. My hips began to rise to meet the downward thrusts of the girl pulling me, but she managed to keep minimal contact for a long time. It was extremely frustrating.

Then I had a breast in each hand, but they were different sizes. The one in my right hand was bigger and the one in my left hand had a much more prominent nipple. I squeezed gently for a while, but then everything stopped. The pussy was gone and so were the breasts and all the caressing stopped, suddenly. I wanted to scream in frustration as the seconds of sudden emptying ticked by, feeling like minutes.

Then a hand grabbed my cock and held it as the pussy turned. But I quickly realized it was a different bird. The last one had become very slippery as she pulled my cock, and this one was drier and gripped more. The hands came back and then the breasts but now there was a bigger one in my left hand but they both felt different. Had the two just changed or were they two different girls? Had only one changed?

I really missed my sight because things were happening to me that I couldn’t clearly understand. I really missed my hearing because I knew there would be erotic noises. You know, the smacking of flesh, the moans of pleasure, and the ragged breathing that accompanies sexual exertion. I also really missed the smells of horny women. I also really missed being able to trace their bodies with my fingers. But in the absence of all these sensations, my imagination could run wild. Women could look, sound, and smell like I wanted them to. I had a mostly blank canvas that I could paint exactly as I wanted. It was a completely new and sensational experience.

I started to feel just the faintest tickle of hair as the girl pulling me made the action go well enough to take almost all of my cock. I pumped as she pushed down and I pulled as she pulled back. The pace was fast but not hectic, and I wondered if I would last long enough for all four. I really hoped, but I could feel the orgasm slowly starting to develop. I enjoyed the previous oral release so much that it definitely helped make this part of the experience last a lot longer.

There was another change to ride and a change in tits to feel. I still couldn’t clearly identify which they were, but now I didn’t care. The pussy on my cock, the hands on my body, and the breasts in my hands all faded into a massive experience that completely stunned me. I had no sense of time or anything other than the contacts from the women combining to give me what was by far the most amazing sexual experience of my life.

I was almost there when they changed again and I assumed the fourth was now mounted on top of me and slowly sinking down as her pussy adjusted to my thickness. But was this the fourth? Was it one I had taken earlier? I had no idea, but this time I realized they were playing the endgame. It started slow and easy but soon picked up the pace. The sex, stroking and squeezing all gradually built into a frenetic pace and then, after an intense period, I finally pushed my cock as hard as I could and exploded.

I have never ejaculated so hard in my life and my orgasm felt like it lasted about ten minutes. Finally I collapsed back and the pussy I’d been buried in all the way slowly lifted off of me as a hand gripped the base of my cock. My whole body was shaking and tingling and I slowly relaxed as I came down from my incredible climax.

While relaxing, I had a brief vision of that Scary Movie orgasm scene where the girl is plastered to the ceiling by a massive stream of cum. I sure hope the other girls were holding on to the girl on top of me while I twisted and squirmed in release because the pressure I suddenly released felt tremendous and she wasn’t holding on to me as I jumped off the end of my restraint.

The hands returned and as my cock was being wiped again, the firm massaging movements on my body and legs resumed and helped me cool down, gently kneading and soothing my tense muscles and returning me to the relaxed state I had been in before the intense sex session. Slowly, my labored breathing returned to normal and it was as if the tide receded, taking all the stress and worries with it. I felt calmer and more relaxed than I had been since I was a child.

I let the sensations wash over me, once again, not trying to identify the individual movements, just enjoying the pleasant sensations.

Eventually, the gentle hands changed to warm wet towels as the girls wiped the oil off my body, and I sadly realized that this unique experience was coming to an end.

To remove as much oil as possible they freed my hands and feet and the cleansing later changed to some gentle stretching. Then came the signal I didn’t want as all the girls beat me three times. It was over.

With a sigh, I slowly reached down and released the grips on the headbox, and carefully lifted the top. The girls were gone, and although the small massage room was dimly lit, my eyes were so used to the darkness that it still seemed almost too bright. But the first thing that really hit me was the smell. I was almost overwhelmed by the smells of sex and oil and sweat. I realized that what I was experiencing would just be a more intense version of the normal smells after a “full service” massage, but instead of the aromas slowly developing over the course of the session, they hit me all at once . I wondered if the ones who cleaned the rooms after a session were the masseuses, or other people. If there were others, then they would have this olfactory experience all the time.

I toweled off the bits the girls hadn’t been able to touch, then slowly got dressed, grabbed my valuables, and made my way to the relatively bright reception area, blinking rapidly as my eyes adjusted.

– Here, said Sally, who was in her usual position behind the counter, you must drink a lot of water after the massage. He gave me a bottle of water.

– Thank you, I said and cleared my throat.

– So, she asked with a cheeky grin, did you like it?

 I smiled contentedly.

– It was amazing, I replied, and I will definitely do it again soon.

Sally smiled widely and when I looked at her I saw a slight sheen of sweat on her face and she also looked a little flushed. I suddenly wondered if she was one of the girls. I almost asked her, but then decided to keep it a secret.

– Call and book first, she said, handing me one of the salon’s business cards, to make sure there are enough girls working.

I nodded.

– I will, I promised, and thank you.

We said goodbye and left. I felt like I was floating above the alley, not walking on it, and my mind was already making plans for when I would return for my next special sensory deprivation massage.