Perspectives on a massage with a happy ending – his version

 Perspectives on a massage with a happy ending – his version


He was a pretty ordinary guy. In his early fifties with two children, Guy Morris had a pretty good but still fairly average job and a stable and fairly happy but fairly average marriage to a fairly average wife. Played golf and tennis, watched TV, enjoyed most sports, had the occasional night out at the pub and occasionally went to watch his favorite football team. He and his wife Moira dined out with friends probably once every two weeks, went to events at their golf and tennis clubs about once a month, and had sex a little, but not much more often. In general, their social life was ok. It was nothing special, but hey, they were sociable. They had a nice but fairly small group of close friends and lots of acquaintances at the golf club, and they had good relationships with their children and the rest of their family.

Moira was several years younger than Guy and physically not as accomplished as him.

However, unlike some of their friends and acquaintances, they still got along well and still had a reasonable, if casual, sex life. Like many husbands, Guy would have liked to experiment more. He would have liked to do anal with her or make her let him cum in her mouth, but she never offered him those either and when he tried she refused. He had never forced her. In those moments during sex, when a couple has a chance to talk and discuss their fantasies, she always rejected any suggestion to include another woman, not that she knew anyone or man in a threesome and flatly refused to discuss joining a swinger group.


– Oil or powder? Asked the surprisingly attractive masseuse.

– Just your soft fingertips, the man replied.

“I can see you want a sensual massage,” said the 20-year-old brown-haired girl, looking at the customer who was wearing only a towel around his waist as he lay back with his bottom on massage table.

– Is there any other way in a place like this? he smiled, satisfied so far with his choice of the three girls who offered to massage him. Clio, as she asked to be called, was a big girl, but she was equally well proportioned. She probably could have weighed about 70 pounds, but she seemed to have little meat to spare on her stocky frame.

– No, I suppose not, she smiled, quite liking the look of the older man and the way he spoke and acted. He had a combination of slight fear with an underlying confidence. It’s always best to agree to such things from the start. Would you like additional services?

– Yes, of course, he replied enjoying the swell of her large chest and the look at her cleavage where the three undone buttons of the white dress showed a little too much or, the perfect amount, depending on the point of view.

– And what would they be?

– Let’s get a little closer to this point, then I will decide or you will convince me, he said.

– Correct.

– So I can think about what you’re doing?

– Additional services?

– Yes?

– Handjob, masaj invers, topless, gol.

– Full sex?

– May be.

– Not that I want that, he said.

Although he visited massage places quite regularly and paid girls to masturbate for him, he had never had sex with a woman other than his wife since they were married. He adopted a strange kind of masculine logic to being unfaithful.

– Then we should understand each other.

– On my face first?

– Yes please.

– Towel out? he asked, glancing down at her and seeing her strong but shapely legs beneath the hem of the white dress that ended mid-thigh.

“Probably the best,” she replied without turning around, he noted, as a “legitimate” masseuse would do, as he unwrapped his towel and tossed it over the end of the table.

Although he was by no means erect, his cock had a certain degree of swelling which, when added to his naturally thick girth, gave him an impressive sexual offering. He knew he was well endowed and was proud of his body in general and his penis in particular. Both had lasted well into their forties and were serving him adequately at fifty. He wasn’t at all embarrassed to be naked in front of the stranger and actually excited him to be naked when she was still clothed. As he lay on his face, he felt a tingle in his penis and testicles.

He did her shoulders and back first, then her legs and soles. Usually this was the boring part of a massage, but she did it first, sliding her hands down his bottom and squeezing each buttock. He was lying with his arms by his side and they were slightly bent, meaning his elbow was right on the edge of the table. So secondly as she moved back and forth massaging him so her belly rubbed against his elbow. At first she thought it was an accident and it might have been, but it happened a few times and the same thing happened when she moved around the table and did the other leg. He usually got hard when the girl did the top of his legs and sometimes he needed her to touch his testicles before his erection would grow. Today, he was almost hard before she started getting close to his sexy parts.

Finishing below the knees, she moved on to the upper parts. As her fingers slid closer and closer to his balls, he opened his legs a little wider, knowing from his own experience that soon the hands would not stop at an upward motion and that at least touch his scrotum and he was looking forward to it. That first touch of a masseuse indicating the transition from a massage to an erotic one was always an interesting moment for him. The thought of this and what was to come made him harden up. He bent one leg at the knee and pushed it to the side, raising his hip a little to give his growing erection the space it needed.

Damn, he thought to himself as she rested a hand on the back of his waist, slowly sliding it to the side and then down to his hip on the side that was raised from the bed. She stopped right on his hip bone, which meant her fingers were that close to the tip of his cock. Go ahead, slide it past my hip and grab my cock, he wanted, but she didn’t and went back to his thighs.

He was sure that the girl was aware of all the signs and mannerisms of her clients and knew that now was probably the time to push things a little.

And that’s exactly what she did.

On the next upward movement of her hands, she went further than before almost touching his testicles. He was equally aware of massage parlor etiquette and recognized the sign the girl was making. He opened his legs wider and on the next touch up, as expected, the hands didn’t stop. Instead, fingers lingered on his testicles and caressed them gently.

He grunted and widened the angle of his thighs to make more room. As she cupped his balls in one hand, she slid the other under him and up the length of his respectably thick cock. She rubbed this and rolled his testicles in her hand, doing it slowly and carefully. He appreciated that and moaned and sighed a bit as he lifted his bottom off the table, encouraging her to do more to his cock. He slid his hands up there and stroked them both at the same time. His natural male instincts took over and he began thrusting into the surrogate pussy she had provided.

– That’s great? she asked.

– Yes, it’s wonderful, he muttered behind his whole alive body, with strong, sexual feelings.

– We’d better get you back, wouldn’t we?

He did as she asked, loving the feeling of looking at his fully inflated cock as he rolled back.

– Mmmm, it looks as good as it feels, she murmured as she moved across the table and began massaging, well, seriously caressing his shoulders first, then his chest.

He was sitting by the table with his tiptoes pressed against it. Looking down, he saw that the hem of the white robe was almost level with the table top. She could tell the table must be pushing her up a bit because she could see a thin strip of her sturdy, beautifully tanned legs. He found her very sexy and of course he wanted to touch her. But then, extremely turned on as she had made him, and not having had sex with his wife or anyone for over a month, he wanted to touch her all over.

In the manner she had become familiar with over the past few years, she began to make her way down. Her fingers caressed his navel, down the flatness of his abdomen, into his bushy dark pubic mass and groin.

She was good, she thought, as her fingers visited every part of him between waist and thighs, except where she wanted them most, on his cock and testicles. From experience though, he knew this was part of the game, it was the teasing that the better girls teased you with, and it wasn’t like the mostly Russian ones, who up until now would have masturbated him. That being said, it was excruciating pleasure, almost torture. Her fingers would slide so close to his throbbing cock, but then pull away and slide across his abdomen, or slide down his thighs almost touching his testicles, but then turn right or left and then miss them.

Now he was gathering the table and began to arch his back to feel the teasing pleasure of what she was giving him so wonderfully. He couldn’t take it anymore and reached down, grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand onto his cock. Smiling she said:

– I wondered when you would do that as she gently and slowly ran her fingers up and down his fully extended length and girth. She went further than most and ran her fingernail past his testicles and that sexually sensitive patch of skin between his scrotum and anus. He was ecstatic.

– Mmmm, this is gorgeous, he moaned lifting his bottom off the table and pushing himself harder against her hands.

As he did so, he reached around her and placed his hand on her leg halfway between her knee and bottom. She didn’t stop him but continued to stroke his cock and let his hand rest on her leg.

Emboldened, he slid his hand up past the hem of her dress and her legs and onto her ass. The cheek was bare, confirming that she was wearing a thong. His fingers found the slip of material between the full cheeks of her large but firm ass.

– Maybe we should discuss extras, she suggested.

– What are you offering? he asked standing up a little and looking at her as he began to unbutton the few buttons of the white coat that were still wrapped.

– Most things, she smiled as her coat was completely unzipped. Including taking off my coat.

He smiled.

– How about you undress too, let me play with you and then masturbate?

– Perfect, she smiled. A hundred, okay?

“Perfect,” he smiled, rubbing the front of her pale yellow lacy panties.

Pushing her pubic mound against his fingers, she removed her coat and, reaching behind her, unclasped her bra, shrugged, and let it fall to the floor. She had spectacular breasts covered with dark halos and very prominent nipples.

– Oh God, yes, he moaned, standing up and pulling her towards him. They are amazing, Clio.

– Am I to understand that you like breasts?

“Yeah, but the pussy too,” he said as he ran his hand over her plump ass, sliding his fingers under the belt.

– Do you want this, she asked about the thong.

– Mmmm te rog.

– Do you want me to take it off me?

– Christ yes, he replied loving the view as she turned and leaned over.

Her ass was indeed lovely and before removing her thong he couldn’t resist caressing both cheeks and running his fingers between her two firm round cheeks. Moving her hips knowing it would give her a good show, she let the thong slide down her legs and then turned to face him completely naked. He ran his eyes up and down her body, taking in her completely bald jowl and the deep pink lips poking out from under her pubic mound.

“You give me permission,” he said hoarsely as he looked at the first bald pussy he had ever seen.

Reaching out and grabbing his cock, she smiled and said.

– Well, I touch yours.

He got the message and ran his fingers over her bald mound and then confidently, further down and onto her pussy. As he did this, she began to slowly pump his cock. He found her clit and felt her body jerk and heard a heavy gasp as she must have been hit by a strong sensation.

– Mmmmm, she sighed confirming that it had been.

That excited him. It always happened when the massage girl got horny, but it didn’t happen often.

Standing up, he moved his face close to her breasts. He looked into her eyes and, probably guessing what she wanted, she smiled and nodded. He licked her areola and then gently bit her nipple. It was cute and she pressed her D-cup breast back against him just as he tried and, pushing his luck, he slid two fingers up her pussy. To his excitement, she didn’t object but instead grunted in pleasure and by extension her approval as she still gently massaged his cock.

“Go deeper,” she whispered, opening her leg wider and lifting one so that her knee rested on the edge of the table.

Not only did he go deeper, but he pushed three fingers up as he pressed his thumb against her clit and began to finger her.

She grunted again before she began the slow rhythmic pumping of his cock. Amazingly enough, for the first time together, they found each other’s tempos and matched the movements of his surrogate penis with her surrogate breasts.

– Oh damn Clio, you made me, he moaned as he felt his cock preparing to ejaculate.

– You too, she moaned not knowing if this was true or if it was role playing in the massage room.