Perspectives on a massage with a happy ending – her version

Perspectives on a massage with a happy ending – her version


She was a pretty ordinary girl. In the late twenties, Christina had two sisters, but both parents were dead. He was a single parent with a seven-year-old son who lived with him. Her childhood had been ok. She hadn’t had any shortages, but money had always been tight, so there hadn’t been the luxuries that many of her friends at school had enjoyed. Her standard of living was not helped when both parents died within a few years of each other when she was in her late teens. There was no real inheritance for the three sisters.

The sisters were not alike in appearance or manner. She was tall but wonderfully proportioned with lovely auburn hair, the eldest was beautiful with a superb figure and the youngest was tall and slender with dark hair, not an ounce of fat on her and almost no breasts at all. There was a little over a year difference between each of them. As the girls went through adolescence, sex reared its head and they talked about it.

After the death of their parents, however, they separated. The tall thin one was smart and had a good degree and was now working as a bond trader, the gorgeous one had married at nineteen and now had three children and lived in west London and was single with one child and struggling desperately to provide the education she had not had. She had a house in Essex and was paying for her son to go to a private school.

She hated her job, but she had to do it to earn the money she needed for the lifestyle she wanted for herself and her son. While her younger sister was making a lot but never seemed to have any money, but then apartments on the upper West Side and coke is very expensive there, she was careful with hers. And in doing what it did it had the advantage of being paid mostly in cash, away from the clutches of the taxman.


There were many things about the job that she didn’t like. The beauty pageant, however, was by some measure the worst. The “salon” she worked at had this policy of letting clients choose the masseuse they preferred. Therefore, each girl, and there were usually three or four on duty, if not with a client, had to walk past the client into a private room, do a pirouette, and introduce themselves. He found it embarrassing and quite humiliating, but he knew that if he wanted to keep his job, he had to do it.

She was well aware that the client was naturally looking her up and down, checking out her “boobs and ass” and wondering what it would be like to bang her. She was also well aware that the parade was her chance to sell herself and thus earn the extras that turned the pittances she was paid for the simple massage into a lucrative, tax-free income.

So when she was told that a new customer wanted a parade, she undid an extra button at the top and bottom of the white dress that all the girls had to wear. This meant that she showed more of the deep cleavage between her full D-cup breasts and much more of her sturdy mid-thigh legs. Previously, without obtaining permission from the owner of the salon, he had taken the hem of the coat, so that instead of being slightly above the knees, it was the best part of eight inches up. With the bottom two buttons now undone, it almost showed her panties, and with the top three undone, it revealed the edges of her bra and the flesh of her breasts above. As she walked past the handsome guy in his fifties sitting in the viewing room, she pointed out the swing of her hips and the movement of her buttocks. She also made sure that her bare leg in strappy high heels was out of her coat, she turned around and leaned forward giving him a great view of her rather large but very firm ass and she leaned forward a bit , so it offered a glimpse of her large breasts. Smiling and nodding, she showed that she wanted him to choose her and he did.

After taking him to the biggest and most beautiful massage room, she let him undress and shower while she checked his hair and makeup. When she returned to the room, she saw him leaning against the massage table. He was wrapped in a towel, but she could see that he had a good body. Smiling to herself as she thought about the old thing about covering his face and he could be any age, not that she had anything against older men, she admired his physique. She also liked the way he spoke softly and the way he acted confident and assured, but not arrogant or cocky.

As she usually did, she confirmed that he wasn’t mistakenly there for a direct massage, “medical” as it was known, and asked about supplements. She was slightly disappointed when he said he didn’t want sex, although that was quite common, Like most girls, she didn’t offer full sex to all clients, just the ones she particularly liked.

– Yes, please, she said when he asked if she should lie forward.

She loved the way he just unwrapped his towel without turning around and let her see him naked. It was almost as if he was looking at her and her eyes, even though she probably saw twenty or thirty cocks a week, she was enjoying the sight of his thick, strong manhood. She thought about bringing up full sex again, because the thought of that cock, fully inflated inside her was quite appealing.

He never rushed his customers. She was patient and caring and creative and imaginative. Her theory was to provide great service and they would come back, and they did, because she now had at least twenty loyal customers.

She first gave his broad back what was almost a proper massage, though as she ran her fingers over his shoulders, she ran the hair at the back of his neck and stroked his ears, something she’d read men liked. Also indicating that this was a sensual massage as she slid her hands down his back, she let them continue to run over his waist and the toned cheeks of his beautiful ass. She held and caressed each of them.

Moving down, she worked his legs and calf muscles knowing that these were the least exciting parts of a man’s body. She saw that his arm was right on the edge of the table and “accidentally” bumped into it a few times. She noticed that he didn’t move it and wondered what effect his touch was having on her. She definitely liked it and once she leaned forward she pressed her clit right against his elbow. That almost made her grunt.

Starting at the top of his legs, she did the usual thing: a fairly quick massage on each side and then a slower stroking as she moved the focus of the massage higher up his legs. Now she wasn’t massaging him, but was slowly caressing his inner thighs with both hands. She saw him clutch the bed and his head rolled a few times before he bent down and picked up one leg and lay slightly on his side, lifting his stomach off the bed. She knew exactly what that meant and was tempted to slide her hand under his hip and grab his cock, but she judged it was a little too soon for that, though she slid her hand up his hip as if to to grab his penis. Instead, she returned to the inside of his thighs and slowly worked her way up until the edges of her hand and fingers were getting closer and closer to the respectably large pair of testicles dangling between his legs. He twisted his body a little and she thought his legs opened more, probably as a form of invitation or request.

Finally he decided it was time and slowly moved his hand up and this time he didn’t stop and touched his testicles. His response was instant, a jerk from his body and a grunt from his mouth. Almost as quickly as she put her hand on his balls, she removed it and lowered herself back onto his legs, sliding her fingers up and down and closer to his cock and balls. This time though, she didn’t stop touching his balls. No, this time she cradled them carefully in one hand and slid the other past his scrotum and held the length of his cock halfway up. Moving her other hand up to join, she rubbed it with both hands. He grunted again, head rolling from side to side, lifted his midsection off the bed a bit and began to climb out of the hollow her hands formed. Instead, she gently rubbed it.

She asked if he liked her and of course he confirmed that he did and suggested she come back. As he rolled onto his back, she couldn’t help an involuntary low gasp escape her mouth at the sight of his superbly hard cock. This happened to him from time to time. She knew that she sometimes got too involved with her clients, not to the point where she had accepted any of the invitations for private massages or to meet with any of them, but past the point where her feelings and emotions were detached. He became both emotionally and physically involved with them, sometimes to the point where for the forty minutes or so they were together, she was his girlfriend. All other external considerations ceased to matter and the little room became their world and they became lovers. She knew it probably wasn’t wrong, but so was kissing a punter, which she did from time to time.

He knew all too well that this was happening to him.

The salon controlled the time the girls spent with their clients and she knew that after thirty-five minutes there would be a knock on the door and another at forty. If he wasn’t done and out of the room within forty-five minutes, the manager would knock on the door and tell him to get the customer out or come in. This had happened to her once and she was determined not to let it happen again. This required good time management on her part to balance what she spends on the actual massage with what she spends on the additional services. And with this client he wanted to spend more time on the latter.

She made his chest pretty quickly enough, tweaking both nipples a few times making him moan in pleasure and then she started the part of the massage that he liked the most. Abdominal massage and penis teasing.

With his lovely, thick cock raised on his surprisingly flat stomach for his age, she caressed him, but didn’t really massage him. Her fingers touched and visited every part of his abdomen and thighs, but carefully avoided what both she and he wanted to touch the most, his cock and testicles. It was an old massage trick of caressing all the tender flesh of a man’s abdomen, letting your fingertips slide into his mass of pubic hair, caressing his inner thighs and getting close to his erection, but not touching it. He could see it working. His eyes were tightly closed, his mouth slightly open, he was clutching the table and squirming slightly as clearly as the sensation was consuming him. She knew every part of his mind and body wanted her to grab his cock and caress it, but still she resisted even though, now that’s exactly what she wanted to do too.

She was well aware that this latest ‘thing’ of hers, her intense taste for penises, could be dangerous and a major inhibitor to her work as an erotic masseuse, but there was nothing she could do about it. For the past few months, when he was with a client he liked, his cock became an object of such lust and beauty that he could hardly resist.

She was relieved and delighted when suddenly he grabbed her hand and pressed it against his cock.


– I wondered when you were going to do that, she reveled in the feel of his thick, hard, warm, throbbing cock in her hand.

It felt wonderful and lovingly caressed it slowly.

He showed his pleasure and excitement with low moans escaping his mouth as his bottom lifted off the table and he gripped the tabletop tighter.

She loved it when her clients showed their joy and excitement. He seemed to get more out of her and her performance would react to his. So, the more enthusiasm the man showed, the better and more comprehensive service she provided. And he was showing considerable pleasure, so she responded. She slid her fingertips along his length, ran them over his glans slightly wet with semen, took his cock in one hand and cradling his testicles with the other, and pumped it deliberately. As an added pleasure for him, well for her, she ran her fingernail past his scrotum and over that extremely sensitive area of ​​skin between it and his anus, which she had only recently learned was called his perineum. She smiled as she saw his body jump and heard a low moan slip from his mouth.

At the same time, her body also jumped as she felt his hand on the back of her bare leg, right next to the hem of her dress. She felt him caress her and squeeze her gently. It was nice, like they were connecting and she appreciated and needed it because it was hard for her to have sex with another guy, even a client, without some form of emotional connection like she had with him. That’s why as he caressed her abdomen, cock, testicles and thigh, he didn’t stop his hand from sliding up her dress and her bare ass. It felt good and she responded by stroking his cock and testicles more sensually because she felt good too.

As his fingers played with her panties, they came close to touching her pussy, which in reality was exactly where she wanted it. However, her business sense made her talk about additional services.

Standing up a little, he asked what she had to offer and she gave her answer:

– Most things.

As they gazed at each other for a moment or two, he rose, and placing his hands on her coat, undid a button. She realized that he would want sex. Also realizing that she hoped it wasn’t just for the money she was likely to receive, but because she was now so turned on. As without asking, he undid the other buttons exposing her bra breasts in front of him. at his gaze, she was a little disappointed as she said.

– How about you undress too, let me play with you and masturbate?

Hiding her disappointment, she said that would be fine and they agreed on an amount.

She removed her coat and enjoyed his gaze sweeping over her large but beautifully proportioned body, especially as his hand continued to caress the cheek of her bottom and his gaze focused on her breasts. Smiling, she undid her bra and took it off. Obviously with big breasts, when she removed her bra and let it fall on the end of the table, her breasts sagged. With double Ds like hers, there was no way around it, but she was still a little embarrassed, as she always was when she revealed it to someone she’d just met. However, the pure lust in his eyes and the way his mouth almost fell open reassured her, and so did he, gasping and telling her they were fantastic.

– Am I to understand that you like breasts? She asked cupping each breast as he stood up and moved his face close to theirs.

“But pussy,” he said as he pressed one set of fingers to the front of her yellow belt while the other slid around her and caressed her ass again.

She was now seriously aroused and almost asked if he wanted to change his mind and have sex with her. She thought for a moment about giving him that at no extra cost, but somehow resisted the temptation.

– Want this? she asked showing him the thong, hoping that might make him change his mind.

Turning, she bent down a little and told him to move it away.

– Oh my God, Clio, he moaned gently caressing a cheek and running his fingertips into the deep crease.

– Good? she asked.

– It’s more than damn ok, he moaned grabbing both cheeks and pulling them and looking at her anus. She wished she had said that, but she thought she might be going too far now, but if she turned around maybe she could go there, she thought as she slowly turned around.

Aside from the porn videos he’d watched when Moira was out or in bed, he’d never seen a bald pussy before, and he was surprised at how turned on he was. She had a rather prominent mons and that accentuated the scarlet cut of the two lips that met a little higher than most women he had seen. Without thinking and certainly without asking her, though that wasn’t necessary, he reached out and pressed his fingers just above where her lips met. Her reaction told him that he had found her clit because her body jerked and she heard a heavy intake of breath.

She felt relaxed with him and as a result let him move on more quickly than she did with most men. Glancing at the clock, which was visible in every massage booth, she was relieved to see that they had at least ten minutes left. She pulled his face to her breasts as she resumed masturbating him. She could feel the tension in his cock just as she could feel his arousal building rapidly. She felt his fingers slide along her lips and grope inside her.

– Go deeper, she muttered.

He did and also pushed further into her while at the same time rubbing her clit with his thumb. They started dating each other, but not in the traditional way, and it was fantastic for her.


With both of them naked, Christina’s hand wrapped around Guy’s cock and his fingers pumping in and out of her, the masseuse and her client had sex. They had the kind of sex that clients and masseuses have and enjoy. The guy didn’t try to do anything to her ass, although he would have liked it just as much as Christina would have liked to pull it or suck it. She was ready and willing to have sex, but she respected his decision, regardless of why she didn’t want it.

In fact, he had discussed it with a loyal customer who provided him with the convoluted, typically masculine logic of a job that wasn’t considered as unfaithful as full-on sex. This allowed the man to go home not exactly with his head held high, but at least knowing that he had resisted having sex with a woman when she was available to him.

– Lie down on the bed, he muttered.

Thinking he might change his mind, she did as he asked. But that didn’t happen, because his four fingers were replaced and he started fingering her again.

“Hold your breasts,” he said as he held his cock with his other hand and began to masturbate.

Christina began to ejaculate and moaned and sighed as wonderful sensations washed over her.

– Let me ejaculate on your breasts, he mumbled moving a little along the table.

Pushing them together as she pinched her nipples, she offered them to him just in time to receive the first trickle that spread over her hands and breasts.

“Let me do that,” Guy said, wiping and cleaning her breasts.

– Thank you, she replied holding another wet wipe ready to clean his cock. Are you going to take another shower? she asked as she put on her thong and bra.

– Yes, if that’s okay?

In the shower, Guy thought about how good sex with Christina had been, as she did as she sat in the room, waiting for him to come back and get dressed. She followed him and he thanked her again.

– Oh shit, I didn’t pay, did I, sorry? he gushed.

He gave him the bills.

– What days do you work, Clio?

– Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she told him.

– Could I book an hour session next week?

– Yes of course, but why and what time?

– Because I want to have sex.