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VIP-ZONE Salon Sale

Area Bld. Mihail Kogălniceanu 20 (Izvor, Cismigiu)

PRICE = 160.000 EURO

The company was credited by the associates with 160.000 euros, an amount that was not recovered.

This receivable is assigned by a notary or lawyer to the buyers of the company for the amount of 160.000 euros (negotiable), at the same time when the shares of the company are sold at a total nominal value of 200 lei, which is the subscribed share capital.

As a result of these operations, the buyers will have the right to recover from the company’s receipts the amount of 160.000 euros without this money entering the process of profit and dividend taxation. Fiscal advantage, minimum 16.000 euros.

So, at the same time as the assignment of the debt, the company is sold by notary with the following:

  • Operating license for massage salon and nightclub, bar
  • Rent contract at the best price on the market
  • Internet contract;
  • Video monitoring system with surveillance cameras;
  • Monitoring contract and rapid intervention BGS
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Large customer base, loyal in 15 years wich are coming straight to the gate, customers for whom you do not have to make any extra effort. Only from the money income obtained from them do you cover your investment quickly.
  • Vip-Zone website sites:
  • Top 3 in position in Google My Business, Local Pack, appreciated by new and old customers with excellent ratings of 5 *****
  • 15 telephone numbers (which has belonged to the other two salons closed during pandemic), promoted over time, with a constant number of new clients but also with loyal clients who have become accustomed to making appointments.  The numbers are with a company subscription, negotiated in advantageous conditions, with internet and unlimited minutes.
  • Customized, highly advanced (ERP) monitoring system, records, program, income – through which you can remotely manage the entire activity.
  • Trained staff, 3 receptionist for 12/24 program, minimum 12 masseuses with many years of experience (10 years) in the salon, with the possibility of hiring you new masseuses within a month. The old masseuses have a lot of loyal customers, around 100 clients / month / masseuse for whom you do not make any extra physical or financial effort. 
  • Management file that includes absolutely all the information to manage the business profitably (over 100 pages with information and secrets).
  • Administrative advice for 6 months, through which we will answer you at any question related to the smooth running of the activity. 
  • All the spaces are arranged, modernized specifically for erotic massage and day & night club
  • Floor 2 (attic)
    • 2 massage rooms with 4 workstations
    • 1 bathroom
    • o terasa ampla pentru consumatie si petreceri private
  • Floor 1
    • 3 massage rooms with 4 workstations
    • 2 bathrooms (one with whirlpool)
  • Ground floor
    • Large reception
    • Separate private for private parties
    • The masseuse’s room
    • Lounge / strip club area
  • Semi-basement
    • 3 massage rooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Kitchen
    • Laundry & technical
    • Staff space
  • Courtyard at M. Kogalniceanu Boulevard
    • With the possibility of parking 2 cars, plus space for 10 tables
  • Courtyard behind the villa
    • With the possibility of arrangement as a terrace, recreation space for clients or employees.

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