Massage Chronicles – Prostate Massage – Part 3a

 Massage Chronicles – Prostate Massage – Part 3a

sat there feeling quite exhausted, not understanding how this could be possible. Drinking water, I think Betty was assessing my questioning look.

– Trust me, you’ll love it.

– That’s fine, I suppose.

My penis looked like a slain dragon, so I wasn’t optimistic, but this lovely European milf had already managed to give me two amazing orgasms.

Betty was helping me, holding the glass and giving me water.

I finished the much needed rehydration and while I was still on my back Betty positioned a fluffy pillow under my bottom. He climbed onto the table kneeling between my spread legs. With my freshly oiled cock almost limp in her hand, she began to stroke it slowly. Then, leaning up, she rubbed my cock against her bush and mound, occasionally rubbing it against her pussy lips.

Without rushing, he allowed my sensitivity to come back gradually. Her eyes begged me to pull her. To put my cock in her pussy.

– Damn it, I muttered.

I was not hiding my secret desire to shoot him. Betty was using her fantasy to turn me on.

She just smiled slyly and held it until I was almost hard again. It was incredible, although he had to keep his hand stroking and moving to keep me upright this time. Leaning up, she massaged my slippery cock against her lower pelvis and mound. She wraps her arms around her and presses it into her skin. The sensation was as if I had shot it in her pussy.

– Your penis in my wet pussy, yes?

– Ugh, damn, damn, it’s beautiful!

I thrust up and down like I was inside her pussy and my cock buried itself completely. Proud to have me hard again, Betty nudged my bulbous glans over my clit, closing her eyes and enjoying the stimulation.

I closed my eyes and spun my head in slow circles, stimulated into near overdrive. When Betty pushed the head of my cock into her wet lips, I almost passed out. Clenching both of his fists together around my cock, I pushed up. She allowed the head of my cock to enter her heat. I certainly would have squirted sperm into her mature vaginal opening if not for the previous two prostate stimulations.

– Enough of that.

Betty pulled me in a reluctant way that indicated to me that if I insisted she might let me pull her. Positioning my cock up and forward, she directed the glistening length of vein towards me again.

– These will be sore after this.

Squeezing the base of my testicles until they were round shiny plums, she pulled them hard.

– Oh, God, God, God!

Betty was milking my cock slowly, too slowly to make me ejaculate. It was sumptuous and arduous at the same time. The sudden tightening of my testicles sent a twinge of discomfort, then pleasure. This mature woman showed more of her experience.


Quickly moving her hand over the crest of my glans for about ten seconds, she brought the sensitivity level of my cock to a high level, then slowed her stroking, lightly touching the less sensitive bottom of my cock.

I looked up to see my cum hole gaping greedily and pointed at me. With my hips and head resting on the pillows, the tip of my cock was only eight to four inches from my face. It seemed closer at that moment.

Besides ejaculating a lot, I had always ejaculated quite a distance. It wouldn’t be the first time I had a self-facial. What Betty didn’t know, is that I fantasized about ejaculating in my own mouth. The thrill would make me masturbate with my mouth open, but more often than not, at the last second, I would shoot and shoot elsewhere, or when I was brave enough, my aim was bad and I would miss.

As if he could read my perverted thoughts, he pondered my gaze.

– Where should we make you cum?

 She pointed my cock up.

– In the air like a fountain?

I knew it would go all over the place, maybe even hit her ceiling. I did not say anything. Betty moved my cock down, directing it towards my abdominal muscles.

– On your chest in a big puddle? She smiled in a way that made me think she was going to make me taste it again.

I just wanted to ejaculate. She was stretching the edge to the limit.

– Or maybe you want everything in your mouth?

She smiled wryly, pointing my cum hole at my face and pulling my cock towards my eyes.

I held my breath, too shy to answer. Shaking and throbbing involuntarily, my cock answered for me defying my shyness.

– Are you a sperm eater?

 Flashing a cheeky smile, Betty quickly caressed the crest of my cock for another ten seconds or so before letting her hand slip away and slide gently. Then you should open your mouth.

– Oh shit!

I let my lips part slightly as she pulled me closer again.

Dragging her fist up and down as she squeezed my scrotum, she pulled me even closer.

– You have to open it.


I opened my mouth a little wider, still not sure I wanted Betty to do that. Still, her suggestion of eating me alone was turning me on deeply. I enjoyed the control over my cock demonstrated by my mature tormentor. Secretly, I wanted her to control me. Telling me what to do.

The quick movements of her hand over my glans became more frequent and longer until her fist was fluttering quickly over my oiled bulb-sized button.

– God, that’s good.

Normally I would have freaked out by now and resigned myself to the fact that the reserves are empty, there would be nothing left. However, my cock was so hard and it felt damn good.

– Open wide.

Looking sly again, he instructed me, seemingly pulling the head of my cock even closer to my face.

Assuming I wasn’t risking anything other than a whiff or a dribble at best, I complied, opening with a slight smile. It was excruciating, but most enjoyable.

Suddenly, Betty released my testicles and began to slide a finger in and out of my ass. She was pulling my ass with her finger. Fast!

– Ahh ughhhh. All I could do was moan. My legs started shaking starting my body movement to climax.

– Open.

My hips bucked with the reminder of Betty. Everything I did was under her control. My penis hardened and hardened to the point where it looked purple like a shiny plum.

– Ughhhh!

 My body was convulsing as my breath jerked and fluttered. I opened my mouth as my body went into a fit of orgasm.

– Yes, yes, yes… let it happen, Betty encouraged her, without losing the rhythm of her hips.


 That peak of one’s orgasm when someone else controls it was there, like never before. My urethra was fully opened and my stretched cock throbbed, but nothing erupted.

Pulsing in her hand, Betty slowed her hand movements and pulled down the full length of my cock, her hand movements almost perfectly synchronized with my spasming cock, and then I saw it, a globular rope of cum, the warm thickness spreading over my on the chin and neck. With the shot off target, I was momentarily relieved.

– Ugnnhhh.

It felt insanely good, I could feel my testicles tightening.

Betty must have adjusted the position of my penis because the next bunch of cum landed right in my mouth.

– Good!

Again and again, she pumped me, thick and warm cream, my own semen squirting into my mouth.

The movement of her hand slowed in time with the spilling of my seed until it was just white syrupy drool.

– So good. She smiled at the sight. My self-rewarding mouth.

– It tastes good, doesn’t it?

It tasted carnal. I closed my lips, I don’t know if it was because he stimulated my prostate twice earlier, but it tasted different. Better. Sweeter. I swallowed. It was a lot of cum.

– Mmm-hmm, I answered.

– Yes it is.

Betty lifted my cock and pulled it towards her. She kissed the tip of my cock. My ultra-sensitive post-orgasmic cock twitched again as I felt his tongue swirl around in circles, then thrust into my cum hole. She tasted it too.

– Ughh, I moaned in half pleasure mixed with discomfort.

Betty kissed my glans gently, sweetly.

– I hope you come to see me again.

Her lips glistened with the remaining cream.

Betty was the consummate professional and completed the session with a light sensual fingertip massage all over my body.

He promised that if I came back, he would teach me how to please a woman. It sounds almost fetishistic, having a mature sex teacher instructing me.

I’ve been back, at least twice that I can remember, and yes, I’ve had it with Betty. Every time I saw her, my testicles were completely drained and usually lasted for at least a day afterwards. Pain in a good way. Betty had a lot of very unique techniques and several lessons to teach. Lessons in pleasure that have not been forgotten.