An unexpected massage

An unexpected massage


I have learned over the years how to get to know the best massage establishments in any given area. The internet makes it much easier than many people think. Websites and forums are there to guide you with reviews and in some cases with hidden valuable information.

I was in Bucharest for business for a few weeks, a few days after the trip I needed my solution. I logged into a local board and looked around, most of the women offering a happy ending was the result of my hourly search. There were a few full service places but I found the level of service iffy and I really enjoy a good massage.

I posted a few messages and within a few days I had a few acknowledgments from the locals. I private messaged one of the guys to inquire about one of his recommendations and he replied that I should try Vip Zone, a top spot. This was a strange recommendation because most of these places are not only 100% legit, but they cover you like an Eskimo and if you try anything, they’ll call the police.

I answered as such, and he told me there was some sort of secret password. That I should call for an appointment and have Emily do the massage. Said:

– What do you have to lose? $90 and an hour of your time?

I called the next day and asked for an appointment with Emily and was scheduled for 6pm that evening. After a long day of transferring documents between the offices of one of my larger clients, I left to find my way to the Vip Zone.

It was in an atypical shopping center in an uptown area. For the most part, BMW and Mercedes were out front with the occasional minivan. I parked my car and walked through the front door to a very well furnished waiting room with dark leather chairs and couches and high end tile floors. Behind a deep mahogany desk sat a young woman who was dressed in a silk dress and showed off her very slim body with a beautiful set of breasts.

I informed her about my 6pm meeting with Emily and she asked if I had been there before. When I replied that it was my first time, she smiled and handed me a clipboard and asked me to fill out the first two forms.

I went and sat in one of the oversized leather chairs and filled out the standard paperwork. Of course, I didn’t use my real name or address, and pointed to places on my back, calves, and thighs that required extra attention to the outline of a human body.

I went back to the front desk and handed the clipboard to the young lady behind the desk. She took my clipboard and asked me to sit down, it would only take a few minutes and I would be called back.

As soon as I sat down, I heard my fake name called from a door to the right of the waiting area. The name I use is similar enough to my real name that it’s easily recognizable to me when I’m not paying attention.

Waiting for me at the door was another very slim woman, about 1.70 m tall and maybe around 30 years old. Her breasts weren’t nearly as big as the girl behind the desk, but she was much more stunning in her facial features. Large brows accented her doe-brown eyes, bright white teeth, full lips. Her hair was in a bun.

She was wearing a similar silk dress, very tight on her thin body, it was long with a slit on both legs reaching almost to the midsection, showing off her slender white legs that looked as smooth as glass. She also wore high heels on her very small feet.

She held out her hand to me and introduced herself:

“I’m Emily,” she said as she gave me a firm handshake with her very small hands.

I introduced myself to her and she escorted me back down a long corridor to a private room on the right. It was much larger than most massage parlors and had a huge massage bed in the center. The room was lit by dim sconces on each wall, with a table set up at the back of the room with massage oils and other supplies. On the left wall was a door that opened to a private bathroom with a shower cubicle, toilet and sink. The furnishings and decoration were of very expensive origin. It couldn’t have been a shack. I was just hoping it was a good massage at this point.

Emily turned on the shower and then came back into the master bedroom, told me to hang my clothes on the hooks in the bathroom and take a shower. After I shower I put on my shorts that were currently hanging on the hooks and lay face down. She was back in five minutes to start the massage.

She put on some soft music and left the room and I went to the bathroom and got undressed. I felt the temperature of the water and showered and washed my body with the liquid soap provided. Hanging next to the shower was a large fluffy white towel that I used to dry off after I finished showering. I wasn’t expecting anything but a good massage at this point so my cock was hanging in disappointment.

I put on my blue paper shorts and lay face down on the huge massage table. It was warm, so it must have an electric heater built in. As soon as I was face down I heard a soft knock on the door and heard someone enter the room. I stood up a bit to see that Emily had turned and smiled at me and went into the bathroom to get the towel I had been drying myself with. She used it to finish drying my back, telling me I missed a few spots.

He then asked me about my trouble spots, and I told him about my constantly tight hamstrings, which caused problems in my lower back. He told me to relax and that he would see if he could relax my muscles.

I felt her soft hands begin to apply warm oil to my back. He covered my entire back with oil before applying any pressure. Her hands felt great on my skin, I knew she was going to give a good massage from those first 30 seconds. She continued to work on my upper, then lower back. She and I didn’t talk about anything in general, then she asked what brought me to her? I told her that a friend of mine had recommended the place to me, and her in particular. When he asked the man’s name I made one up…Jim (the guy was from a forum so I didn’t know his real name).

She told me that she had a couple of clients named Jim, if I could describe him, maybe she would know who it was to thank her for the referral. At this point, I told him:

– I don’t really know him personally, we are just online friends.

– Ah, she replied and continued silently massaging my back.

– Damn it, I said to myself. I might have messed up with this “password” the guy on the forum was talking about. She never told me what she was going to ask and I didn’t think to ask too many questions. Well, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the massage.

Emily finished working on my back and arms and moved to start working on my legs. I decided to break the silence and started asking her about her business. She told me that most of her customers were local housewives coming for a spa day. She offered everything from massages to pedicures, waxing and even Botox. She said business was very good and the biggest problem was dealing with demanding women after a few glasses of champagne. I laughed and told him he was learning what it was like for most of us men in the world.

She giggled at my answer and whispered,

– Yes, some of them are very picky, if you know what I mean…

I laughed and said:

– Yes, I know all about picky women. I’m married to one.

She went on to open up about some of her picky clients, telling me stories of women who threw up over little things and demanded free services because of who they were. As he told the stories, he massaged the back of my left thigh, moving his hands up my inner thigh on the way back to my legs. On the run up, he brought his small hands under the paper shorts to massage the bottom of my buttocks.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear while massaging my buttocks:

– Some of them ask for other things, sometimes I think they are worse than male customers.

– Oh yes, I said as I exhaled. How do you address their requests?

– I let my girls choose. If they are good customers and the girl is comfortable, we might give them what they ask for, she said with a laugh. If they are whores, my girls have been known to tease them and let them deal with their own problems.

As she said this, she tore off the side of my paper shorts to expose that part of my ass. He continued his very expert massage working my glutes and upper thighs, applying elbow pressure from time to time. He moved to the other side of the table and continued massaging my right leg and buttocks. All this time we talked more and more, getting her to open up about her business.

She was very interested when I told her that I have visited China often and we talked about the food and the different places we have been. She asked if I got a massage when I was in China and I said yes, I usually get a massage every other day when I’m there.

“Traditional Chinese massage is different from this,” Emily said as she did a shiatsu massage, moving the back of my thigh to my buttocks.

– Yes, those girls are trying to kill me. No oil, just pressure, but it feels good, I replied as she pulled the shorts from the other side and pulled the testicle area to expose my entire ass to her.

– Yes, I get massages when I go back to China too, but even being Chinese, I’m used to a more western style of massage, she told me as she applied a generous amount of oil to my buttocks.

– So you also get massages? I asked her as she began to gently massage the oil into my cheeks. She had applied so much oil that I could feel it dripping between my buttocks and on my anus and spots.

– Oh yes, she whispered, I like getting a massage. Sometimes I have one of my girls give me a massage and any new hire, that’s their interview, give me a massage.

I laughed at her answer and said:

– I want to fill out an application for a job, I would like an interview.

He slapped my bottom and said:

– You’re funny, you wouldn’t want to massage my old body. Besides, I couldn’t hire a handsome man, the clients would only ask for you and my girls would be angry and jealous.

– The old body? I’d love to give you a massage, but you should tip me! I said a little too loud for the quiet of a massage parlor.

– Shhhhhh! Emily shut me up and started rubbing my bottom in a semi-circular motion.

– Be a good boy, good boys get rewards, she whispered. She began to gently rub my ass, her fingers dipping into the crack, gently rubbing my rosebud. I let out a sharp breath as I felt her fingers apply pressure as she rattled at my back door.

“I’ll be fine, I promise,” I hissed as she moved her fingers down my testicles to apply generous amounts of oil to my large scrotum.

– Your friend Jim, did he tell you that I like beautiful laowai like you? she asked as she grabbed my oiled left hand over my testicles, squeezing them gently as she brought her right hand back to my ass and inserted just the tip of a finger.

I gasped and stood up on her finger and hissed at her:

– All he told me was that it was worth the price of entry. I will be good.

She moved her hand from my testicles to my elongated cock, coating it with oil as she slowly penetrated my ass with the middle finger of her right hand.

– Yeah, I like good boys, she giggled as she grabbed my handle as I was almost on all fours at this point. You’re a big boy too, she said as she removed her finger from my ass and pulled her left hand out from under me, using it to slap my ass a little and said,

-Hot towel, I’ll be back in a minute.

This massage went better than I would have ever guessed. Not only did Emily give a great massage, she was good looking and even better, she had a playful personality. I told my beating heart to slow down and told my mind to let it make the moves.

A few minutes later, after my heart had slowed to normal and my cock had started to soften, Emily returned with a basket of hot towels. She started to wipe the oil from my body and even from my testicles. It failed to extract the oil from my rosebud. He then took a towel from the table and placed it over my back, using it to rub my back to remove the excess oil from it. She placed the towel over my bottom, holding it between the table and the front of her legs, lifted the other end and asked me to turn around. A technique used around the world to keep you covered while turning in a massage.

He put the towel over my penis and around my waist. My hands were by my side as he began to rub my stomach and chest. I was looking at her face and upper body and remarked that she was very beautiful. She smiled and said:

– The room is dark and the blood has left your brain, nodding to my semi-hard cock under the towel. I’m just a normal aged woman, nothing special.

“How old are you, Emily?” I asked as she moved her hands over my small nipples, massaging my pecs.

– I am 37 years old. I’m not a young girl anymore, she replied as she twisted my left nipple in her hand, making another noise under the towel.

– You are still young, I am an old man compared to you, I told her as I moved my right hand to the edge of the massage table hoping to touch her hip or rub her silk dress. He looked down at my hand a few inches from my hip and continued his massage, moving to my abdomen and the edge of the towel. The sensations of her hands inches from my cock began to take their toll as it began to harden. I was looking at her face as she looked at my growing member inches from her hands and then I felt her hip. She had moved her hip towards my waiting hand, encouraging me to touch her.

I slowly opened my fingers and gently rubbed her hip and then slowly moved my hand to her slim waist. Her hands were still massaging my abdomen and my cock was now holding the towel. I slowly moved my hand from her waist and down over her small bottom, feeling the feel of the silk on my hand. My hand traveled down over her bottom to her thighs and then back over her bottom, giving her a squeeze on the way back up.

She moved closer to my hand, allowing me to cup her other cheek as her hand traveled under the towel to touch the head of my cock. When he touched my cock, he stopped there as I explored his ass and silk dress. She looked down to shift my gaze to her and then moved her hand over my cock, grabbing it gently and began to pull on my cock. Using my left hand, I removed the towel from my midsection and threw it on the floor. Her left hand was wrapped around the base of my cock while her right hand was twisting the head of my cock. It felt incredible. She was an artist with her hands.

I moved my right hand to the slit of her dress and rubbed the back of her bare white thigh. I moved my hand to her left cheek and noticed that she was not wearing panties under the tight dress. Her skin was soft and smooth and when I touched her close to the valley between her balls, I felt her body covered in goosebumps.

Now she was rushing to lift my cock and I started to explore more under her dress. Down between the balls of her ass to her smooth wet pussy. I moved a finger over her wet lips and slowly inserted the tip of my finger into her wet hole. She continued to twist and lift my cock, her small hands barely making it around the full thickness of my cock. When I inserted my second finger into her tight hole, she suddenly stopped her movement and looked at me.

“You’re a bad boy Bob,” she said as she pushed my finger, forcing it further into her pussy.

– I think you’re a bad girl too, Emily, I whispered as I began to explore the inside of her wet pussy. Kiss my cock Emily, show me what a bad girl you are, I said as I moved my finger over her clit, an amazingly large one for her small size.

She leaned forward and licked the head of my cock, putting herself in a position where I had better access to her pussy. I now had two fingers in her as my thumb rubbed her buried clit. She took the head of my cock in her mouth as I rammed my fingers into her always wet pussy. I moaned as she swirled her tongue over my cock and I gripped her cock with my left hand, encouraging her to take more of my cock into her little mouth.

He sucked my cock while using both hands on my shaft, then moved his right hand to caress my testicles. She moved it to my anus and when I got up from the bed, she pushed two fingers into my ass, at the same time she forced all the penis she could into her mouth. She synchronized my ass with the movements of her mouth on my cock. I knew that at this rate I wouldn’t last long.

I wanted to see how far Emily would go, so with my left hand I pulled her off his cock and brought her to my mouth. I kissed her lips hard as she continued to lift my cock. She didn’t open her mouth, but she was kissing me with her lips closed. I switched my hand to her pussy, inserting my thumb and then using my forefinger I roughly inserted it into her ass. She gasped, and when she did, I shoved my tongue into her mouth. He kissed me fiercely, moving his tongue. The little one decided to play my game and inserted a third and then a fourth finger into my oiled ass.

I growled into her mouth and inserted another finger into her ass, using her pussy juice as lubricant. Using my thumb and inserted fingers and leverage, I lifted her frame slightly onto the table, in doing so she pulled her fingers off my ass and her hand off my cock.

I removed my fingers from her and finished squeezing her to fit my body as I continued to kiss her. She pulled back and looked at me with her doe eyes and then reached under her to grab my cock and position it next to her pussy.

– Yes, she moaned as she used my cock to rub against her pussy.

I placed my hands on her thighs as she slowly inserted my cock into her very hot and wet hole. Making small thrusts and pushing her deeper with each thrust. She lifted her hand from my cock and then leaned down to kiss me again as she took my cock until I reached her tight end. He held me there for a few seconds and then started pumping my cock in and out of my pussy while kissing me wildly.

I moved my right hand up under her dress to her big clit and started rubbing it as she pulled my big cock into her little Chinese pussy. She was getting closer and so was I. I could feel her start to orgasm as she tightened her pussy around my cock. She squeezed so hard that she stopped me from ejaculating my first squirt, but then she relaxed her pussy enough that I shot four squirts into her unprotected pussy.

She laid on top of me for a few minutes while we both caught our breath, then she got up and got a hot towel from the bin and put her foot on the chair and wiped her hands and then the cum off her pussy. She took another one and cleaned my hands first, then cleaned my penis, testicles and finally cleaned my ass where she had invaded me.

She finished cleaning, then leaned down and kissed my lips lightly.

– You passed the interview, when can you start? she giggled.

He went into the bathroom and started taking a shower, he came back and told me to take a shower and he will be back in a few minutes. She removed the sheets from the bed while I grabbed a clean towel and washed the oil off my body, letting the water run over me to wake me up from that fresh feeling.

A few minutes later I was getting dressed when she came back into the room. Her makeup had been refreshed and a new red lipstick was applied to her full lips. She gave me a cold bottle of water and tidied up the room for her next customer. Once I got dressed, I took two hundred dollar bills out of my wallet and placed them on the table. She grabbed them, parted the slit in her dress to reveal a white thong, and placed her freshly folded bills in the waistband of her panties, winking at me when she caught me looking.

He led me back down the hall to the reception area. As we approached the front desk to pay, she spoke to the young woman behind the desk in Chinese. Emily shook my hand and walked back through the door I had just come in, saying,

– Thanks for coming Bob, make sure you tell Jim you enjoyed the massage.

The young woman entered something into her computer and told me:

– Miss Emily said your massage was from the house because you are a new special customer. She recommends that you come back tomorrow for a follow-up treatment and recommended that you get a four-hand massage with her and Julie, her sister. Is 6pm a good time for you? she asked as she looked at me with a very sexy smile on her face.

– Yes, 18:00 would be good, I said immediately.

– OK, I’ll book you with Emily and my mom… I mean Julie… tomorrow at 6pm. See you then, she said with a smile and a wink.